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Cover Curiosity: Title Takeover


Is it just me, or have you noticed some picture book titles getting real these days? Really real. Taking up the whole cover real. Not just type laid over top, but part of the illustration real. Today we have three books that put the title front, center, and right in the middle of the the […]

Cover Curiosity: Go Set a Watchman and To Kill a Mockingbird


Usually during these Cover Curiosity posts I highlight two unrelated books that (for a variety of reasons) have similar covers. Today I have to make an exception and talk about two related books, mostly because one of them has one of the most recognizable covers of all time, and the other is bound to be […]

Cover Curiosity: Under the Sea

Under Water

Sometimes, in an odd aligning of stars, two book covers end up kinda resembling one another. Click here for all the Cover Curiosity posts. I noticed a pair the other day. First up: Under the Ocean by Anouck Boisrobert; illustrated by Louis Rigaud Second up: The Bear’s Sea Escape by Benjamin Chaud Side by side: A […]

Cover Curiosity: Mirrors


Every now and then the universe does my job for me. Sometimes, by chance (or perhaps not), two books that resemble each other end up next to each other on bookshelves. Thanks for looking out, universe. Below are three such cases I encountered in the last few months: Rabbityness by Jo Empson Peek-A-Boo Bunny by […]

Cover Curiosity: Fishes


Some Cover Curiosities seem eye-rubbingly separated at birth, while others appear to simply share a similar idea. Today, I’d say we have an example of the latter. Click here for more Cover Curiosities. I love most when two covers from different worlds collide. Today we have a middle grade novel and a picture book. Our […]

Covering the Newbery: Top 10

Cover 1924 - Dark Frigate

Last week our pals Colby Sharp and John Schumacher finished reading every single Newbery Medal-winning book. In honor of their completing this impressive feat, I thought I’d write what has to be my most self-indulgent post ever: revisit my Covering the Newbery project (where I attempted to give a new cover to every Newbery winner) […]

Cover Curiosity: Behind Bars

Juvie Cover

Look, I don’t discriminate on my Cover Curiosities – picture book, middle grade, YA – when two books happen to resemble each other, I will be there. Today we foray into the YA world with two new books that share a bold bar/grid motif. Juvie by Steve Watkins More Than This by Patrick Ness Side […]

Unfortunate Covers (#21)

Nighty Nightmare

It’s been a while since we’ve done this (poor Homer Price) so let’s do a little recap. If a good book is sporting a cover that isn’t helping, you’ve got yourself an Unfortunate Cover. The Unfortunate Cover can be a tough situation to remedy. You can booktalk the heck out of it to spur some […]

Cover Curiosity: Playing the Field


Sometimes with Cover Curiosities we have two jackets that look very similar. Other times it’s more of a general trend. Today is the latter. Look out socks, relaxing on the lawn is gaining steam. Take a look at the recent evidence collected: The Center of Everything by Linda Urban After Eli by Rebecca Rupp Criss […]

Covering the Newbery (#82): Crispin: The Cross of Lead

Crispin the Cross of Lead

Executive decision time. This is the final Covering the Newbery post. It just makes sense, people. I started this series in 2010 as a way to have fun with book covers that were no longer causing much of a stir among young readers. But then I did 81 of them and the outdated cover thing […]

Covering the Newbery (#81): A Single Shard

A Single Shard

Eighty one down, ten to go. Visit the Covering the Newbery Gallery. 2002: A Single Shard by Linda Sue Park Original Cover: My Re-do: Side by Side: Up next week: Crispin: The Cross of Lead by Avi (Source image: “Blue and White” by charclam

Covering the Newbery (#80): A Year Down Yonder

Year Down Yonder

Visit the Covering the Newbery Gallery. 2001: A Year Down Yonder by Richard Peck Original Cover: My Re-do: Side by Side: Up next week: A Single Shard by Linda Sue Park (Source image: “Nepal (10) – 26Sep10, Bardia (Nepal)” by philippe leroyer

Covering the Newbery (#79): Bud, Not Buddy

Bud Not Buddy

We step into the 2000s with today’s entry… Visit the Covering the Newbery gallery. 2000: Bud, Not Buddy by Christopher Paul Curtis Original Cover: My Re-do: Side by Side: Up next week: A Year Down Yonder by by Richard Peck (Source image: “Arrivederci Milano Ciao” by  annie:malahus

Covering the Newbery (#78): Holes

Holes Large

Visit the Covering the Newbery gallery. 1999: Holes by Louis Sachar Original Cover: My Re-do: Side by Side: Up next week: Bud, Not Buddy by Christopher Paul Curtis

Covering the Newbery (#77): Out of the Dust

Out of the Dust

Visit the Covering the Newbery gallery. 1998: Out of the Dust by Karen Hesse Original Cover: My Re-do: Side by Side: Up next week: (Oh, boy…) Holes by by Louis Sachar (Source image: “15-04-10 You Are So Magnetic, You Pick Up All The Pins” by Bethan