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Predictions! NYT Best Illustrated Children’s Books 2021

I attempt to predict the books that will end up on the 2021 New York Times Best Illustrated list.

Fifteen Dollars: A Wholesome Library Story

A true story of $15 lost and found in a library book

How We Celebrate Dot Day in Our K-3 School Library

Dot Day is coming. Here’s how we celebrate.

Endangered Series #21: Dear Dumb Diary

Should it stay, or should it go?

Gallery: Some of the Posters in Our School Library

A photographic tour of some of my favorite posters in our K-3 school library.

Your 2021 Labor Day Weekend ‘Do Not Read’ List

This Labor Day weekend, try not to read about labor.

It’s Not About What You Think It’s About: Blow People’s Minds with Your Next Keynote Speech

A foolproof technique for making your keynote speech amazingly forgettable.

Notes on August 2021

Three of my favorite posts from the past month.

Get a Load of the World’s 10 Most Valuable Children’s Books

Looking at the most valuable children’s books according to AbeBooks.

The 2021 Poop Report

Oh yes, this post is what you think it is.

Come With Me Again (Yes, Again) Down the Picture Book Parody Rabbit Hole

Another deep dive into the world of the picture book parody.

A Summer 2022 Newbery/Caldecott Check In

A peek at the 2022 Mock Newbery and Caldecott lists on Goodreads.

Notes on July 2021

A look back at my favorite posts of the past month.

What I Learned When I Drew Pictures with Bob Shea

I discovered something about myself while drawing with Bob Shea on Instagram.

Notable 2021 Children’s Book Follow-Ups, Sequels, and Companion Books

Some familiar faces return in 2021.