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Top 20 Books of 2019: 20-16

Counting down the Top 20 Children’s Books of 2019.

Coming Soon: The Top 20 Books of 2019

Next week, John Schumacher and I are teaming up to count down our 20 favorite books of the year. See you soon.

The Ultimate Children’s Literature Illustrator Gift Guide 2019

Recently updated and expanded for the 2019 gift-giving season, here is my collection of children’s literature illustrator shops on the world wide web.

2019 Children’s Lit: The Year in Miscellanea

It’s time to take a look back at the year that was in children’s lit miscellanea.

The 2019 Bookish Charitable Giving Guide

It’s Giving Tuesday. Here are some of the literacy-focused organizations doing good work. Pitch in a few bucks to support them.

2019 Librarian Lump of Coal Gift Guide

Time is running out to get a gift for the insufferable librarian in your life. With help from Etsy, the 2019 edition of the Librarian Lump of Coal Gift Guide has your back.

Notes on November 2019

Looking back at my favorite posts from the month that was . . .

The 2019 Thank You Post

Wait, wait – before you get into that green bean casserole – I have something to say. Thank you for reading, commenting, and sharing the things I write here. I appreciate it. Okay, carry on.

Matthew Cordell and Sophie Blackall: A Caldecott Conversation

Today we have something special. Our past two Caldecott Medal winners, interviewing each other about their lives, work, and how the most prestigious award in picture books has changed their lives.

Cover Curiosity: Bumps


Rare is the occasion when I can share a book for kids and a book for adults that give off that Cover Curiosity vibe. That’s what we have today.

2009 vs. 2019

This year marks the end of the 2010s. On social media, a lot of people are sharing pictures of themselves from 2009 and 2019 to mark the passing of time. I even did it. So why not do a children’s literature version? Seems about right.

School Librarian Saturday: Make Beliefs Comix

In School Librarian Saturday, I’m going to share the websites, databases, apps, and other stuff I use with students in my K-3 teacher-librarian role, under the cover of internet darkness (see: the weekend). Today we have a website that allows students to create their own comics, called Make Beliefs Comix. What It Is: A website that […]

Kidlit TV: The Author/Illustrator Video Jackpot

The other day I decided to visit Kidlit TV. It had been a little while since I’d last been there and I wanted to see what the site has been up to. A lot, it turns out. The site is full of great videos with children’s book creators. I find these sorts of things perfect […]

Endangered Series: Little Critter

Should it stay or should it go?

Exclusive Cover Reveal: It Is (Not) Perfect by Anna Kang and Christopher Weyant

We are here today to reveal the cover of It Is (Not) Perfect by the Geisel Award-winning team Anna Kang and Christopher Weyant. But first, I had a few questions for them . . . Travis: This new book is about the meaning of “perfect”. Are you perfectionists? How did this story come about? Anna: […]