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Dear Barnes & Noble (And Everyone): What Is This?!

Cordell Facebook Post

Over the weekend author/illustrator Matthew Cordell posed a question. One of the most confounding questions children’s literature has yet seen. If you’ve been to the children’s section at a Barnes & Noble, you’ve probably seen this little guy/gal up on the wall among the other more well-known characters. But what is it? Where did it [...]

2015 Books from Caldecott Winners

2015 Caldecott

Of the seven illustrators who received Caldecott recognition back in February, two had been there before (Jon Klassen and Melissa Sweet). Seeing as how often previous winners win again, let’s have a look at 2015 books from Caldecott Medal/Honor illustrators. Did I miss one? Let me know in the comments. (Click on images to enlarge) The [...]

What’s Your Storytime FAIL?

Obama Story Time

During the annual White House Easter celebration this past weekend President Obama read Where the Wild Things Are to a group of children (I was hoping for Beekle, but oh well). Things were going great. Then the bees attacked: Having experienced story times interrupted by all manner of bugs (also: bodily functions, rogue runners, and once, [...]

Meet Professor Owen: Last of the Sandwalkers Blog Tour

Last of the Sandwalkers

Something a bit different today – a beetle. Graphic novel Last of the Sandwalkers by author/illustrator (and biology professor) Jay Hosler arrives on shelves today, featuring a beetle civilization making contact with the wider world. Mr. Hosler is here to tell us about one of the characters from the book. The floor is all yours, Jay… [...]

2015 Books from Newbery Winners

2015 Newbery

If I’ve said it once I’ve said it twice – nearly a third of all Newbery Medal/Honor winners are multiple Newbery Medal/Honor winners. A perfect example of this was the most recent Newbery, where how many of the winners had won before? One out of three. 33%. Case rested. With those thoughts dancing in mind, [...]

See You at the 2015 ALSC Preconference


What do (*deep breath*) Cece Bell, Jacqueline Woodson, Lauren Castillo, Mary GrandPré, Candace Fleming, Yuyi Morales, Jillian Tamaki, Katherine Roy, John Parra, Patricia Hruby Powell, Mark Siegel, Christian Robinson, Jon Klassen and Melissa Sweet all have in common? They all helped create books that won honors at the 2015 ALSC Youth Media Awards. Also, they will [...]

REPORT: Library Books ‘Our Nation’s Largest Health Hazard’


(Note: This is an April Fools’ joke) Scary… via ChildLitZoom: The U.S. Wellness Department is about to release a study that might signal the end of libraries as we know them. Libraries around the country are girding themselves for a true “Battle of the Books” as the study is reported to recommend ending all forms [...]

Coming Soon: National Poetry Month

Three Little Words

April is National Poetry Month. And around this neck of the woods the poetry form of choice is the book spine cento. What’s a cento? Check out the 2014 Book Spine Poem Gallery to find out. Or take a look at the work of Nina Katchadourian. Students, teachers, librarians, book lovers, odd ducks who enjoy piling things [...]

Dismounting the High Horse: My Child Loves a Book I Don’t


There are some books I don’t care for because I’ve read them (see: anything ending in -alicious). There are some books I loved as a kid but find hard to read to my children as an adult (Richard Scarry, do you have to name every last thing on the page? Surely you can skip the creamer [...]

Gallery: The Art of the Picture Book Barcode


A creative barcode on the back of a picture book is like when you have one pump of peanut butter sauce in your Oreo blizzard. It doesn’t have to be there, but things a just a little bit better when it is. I was recently given the challenge of whipping up a gallery of examples, [...]

Your Official 2015 Children’s Literature Ninja Buying Guide

Joey and Johnny

And here I thought ninjas were big last year. 2015 puts 2014 to shame. Shame! Because I get ninja requests all the time in my school library, I bring you this list of children’s book containing ninjas in 2015. Joey and Johnny, the Ninjas: Get Mooned by Kevin Serwacki; illustrated by Chris Pallace. Out now. This [...]

Carrying the Torch: Keeping a Character Alive


The other day I was reading Fred and Ted’s Road Trip, when I noticed something – the name on the cover of the book was Peter Eastman, not P.D. Eastman. I had assumed the book was written by P.D., author/illustrator of classics Go, Dog, Go!, but Fred and Ted is the creation of Eastman’s son. [...]

Breaking Barriers: An Interview with the Creators of This One Summer

This One Summer

Of all the surprises at this year’s Youth Media Awards, none was bigger for me than when This One Summer was announced as a Caldecott Honor winner. Full of stunning illustrations, this book scrapes the top of the Caldecott-eligible age range (0-14) I had a chance to chat with illustrator Jillian Tamaki and author Mariko [...]

The Special Delivery Original Art Raffle Donate-a-thon


I love this. Philip Stead and Matthew Cordell are doing something cool to celebrate the release of their new book Special Delivery – they’re giving away some original art, drawn by Cordell and based on stamps in Phil’s collection. Donate $10 to a nonprofit to get your name in the hat. Mr. Stead made a [...]

Something Different: WHERE IS IT COMING FROM?


I received a book in the mail the other day called WHERE IS IT COMING FROM?, and I’ve never really read a book like it. It’s published by 826michigan, a non-profit “dedicated to supporting students (ages 6 to 18) with their creative and expository writing skills, and to helping teachers inspire their students to write.” [...]