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Books on Film: Fuse #8 TV

Fuse 8 TV

Do you find yourself wishing A Fuse #8 Production was a TV show? Well, how about this, Travis: Stop joking around, man. A real show. All joking aside, yes. Good! You got your wish. Great! Let’s see it. Here it is – Fuse #8 TV. I even make a cameo in the intro:

I Feel Smart: On Wordless Picture Books and Perception

Book With No

Just thinking out loud here… It’s another great year for wordless picture books. What draws us to stories told exclusively through illustration? A good story is paramount, of course, but I think there’s something about our brains that respond to visuals first. It’s how we take in the world. I keep coming back to the [...]

Challenge Accepted: The Blogger’s Desk


Over at Bookends, Cindy and Lynn are doing something fun. In honor of one of their favorite out-of-print gems, The Writer’s Desk by Jill Krementz, they’ve shared where they do their blogging. While no one can outdo Cindy’s Tiki bar, they’re encouraging others to share where they get their work done. Here’s my annotated downstairs [...]

This Librarian Finally Looked at His Copy of ‘In the Night Kitchen’. What He Discovered Shocked Him

Night Kitchen

(Someone’s been working on their Upworthy-esque headlines) Sometimes I don’t know if I should post certain things on this blog. Things that are sort of embarrassing fall into this category. Today I had one of those, but I’m posting it anyway. I was in the stacks when I passed by our Maurice Sendak section. I’ve [...]

Notes on September 2014

Notes on September

In September… …I shared 10 books I’m excited about for fall. It’s always so difficult to narrow down. …we took a long hard look at the American Girl series. Should they stay or should they go? …we talked about cursive in picture books. Kids often can’t read it, but is that the only thing that [...]

6 Theories on the Ending of Sam & Dave Dig a Hole

Sam and Dave

If you haven’t read Sam & Dave Dig a Hole by Mac Barnett and Jon Klassen, you might not want to read this post yet. But definitely read Sam & Dave Dig a Hole (out October 14). It’s a great book. It has some excellent broad humor, as well as one heck of a challenging [...]

Exclusive Cover Reveal: Tommy Can’t Stop by Tim Federle and Mark Fearing


Did you know Better Nate Than Ever author Tim Federle has a picture book on the way? He does indeed. Tommy Can’t Stop! will arrive on April 14, 2015, illustrated by Mark Fearing. Here’s a first look at the cover… (click to enlarge) Here’s what Tim Federle has to say about Tommy Can’t Stop!: My [...]

‘What Does This Say?’ The Cursive Conundrum in Picture Books

Cursive Conundrum

I love cursive. The problem (aside from the fact I’m pretty bad at it)? In picture books, more often than not, kids can’t read it. That’s right, the text might as well be in Wingdings: A librarian friend and I have recently been noticing little instances of this. Sometimes it’s used for the title or [...]

Exclusive Cover Reveal: The Skunk by Mac Barnett and Patrick McDonnell


Trying something new around here – revealing a book cover. Patrick McDonnell won a Caldecott Honor for Me…Jane, Mac Barnett is the author of Caldecott Honor Extra Yarn. You know these guys. Talented guys. Now they’re teaming up for The Skunk, which arrives on May 5, 2015. Here’s a first look at the cover… (click [...]

Biography Section Hall of Shame

Hall of Shame

I don’t know when it hit me exactly, but at a certain point I realized that our biography section was filled with athletes who have been through either a legal or personal scandal. Each time a new athlete is shamed, I think about their book in our collection. In every case I can think of, [...]

Ben Hatke on Gnomes and Fairies

Julia's House

It’s rare that I hand off the reigns of the trusty steed 100 Scope Notes, but how can I pass up the chance to spread the word about a book that I think is wonderful? Ben Hatke’s Julia’s House for Lost Creatures arrives today, and he’s visiting some blogs to talk about the creatures that inhabit the [...]

The Rationale: Some New Books and Why I Bought Them


I bought some books for my school library recently – let’s talk about them. Minecraft: Combat Handbook There is nothing, I repeat NOTHING hotter than Minecraft in my school library. We would get daily requests for Minecraft books until this series came to save the day. This is the third book in the series and [...]

A Birthday Book Giveaway: Brown Girl Dreaming by Jacqueline Woodson

Chances are, you know about Watch. Connect. Read.-er and Picasso of Twitter John Schumacher. Chances are, you’re better off for knowing him. I know I am. Well, today is his birthday and it seems to me the best way to celebrate is by giving away a book. As luck would have it, John shares his date [...]

Summer Scope Notes

Summer 2014

Due to summer travels, I’ll be largely M.I.A. this week. I have a few posts scheduled to run, including reviews of two books I’m very excited about. Catch you next week.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Was Just the Beginning…


The following is a work of fiction. While the online debate rages about the cover for the upcoming Penguin UK Classics edition of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (pictured above), I’m excited to announce that I’ve been granted access to the covers of upcoming Penguin UK Classics. It appears Charlie was just the tip of the iceberg. [...]