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2016 is Foxy


The other day The Trend Whisperer (a new nickname I’m trying out for A Fuse #8 Production) mentioned that 2016 is the year of bears on rampages and blobfish. I can’t disagree. But a recent conversation with Benji of Tales of an Elementary School Librarian had me thinking there should be another trend on our […]

Happy Poem in Your Pocket Day!

Poem Pocket

Happy Poem in Your Pocket Day! If you haven’t read this book with students, you should: Tip: It’s available in ebook format if you don’t have it and need to download it quick. If you haven’t shared this song with students, you should: This video has been a big hit with students this week. There’s […]

Poetry Friday: Do You Hear What I Hear?

poetry friday button

Last week I talked about book spine poems (or centos), today I have three examples:

Beverly Cleary at 100: All the Tributes

BC 100

Today, to-day, children’s literature legend Beverly Cleary turns 100 year old. The media has taken notice: Book Riot: 100 Awesome Things About Beverly Cleary on her 100th Birthday The New York Times: Happy Birthday Beverly Cleary! The New Yorker: Beverly Cleary, Age 100 The Washington Post: Beverly Cleary on turning 100: Kids today ‘don’t have […]

Everything You Need to Know to Make a Book Spine Poem

In This Book

April is here. April is National Poetry Month. April is the time for book spine centos. Give one a try. Or try it with your students/patrons. Here are my tips for creating a book spine cento: Check out the book spine poem gallery for inspiration. Get to a place with plenty of books. A library […]

Man in the Mirror


I have a thing for doppelgängers. I get way more entertainment than I should when someone tells me I look like, say, Perfect Strangers actor Bronson Pinchot: Or, perhaps, Moroccan distance runner Hicham El Guerrouj: (I wrote this post about how kids notice this one because of The Guiness Book of Records) Or even Costa Rican […]

What’s in My Spring Break To-Read Pile and Why

Spring Break 2016 To Read

What is spring break if not a time to set overly ambitious reading goals? Here’s what I hope to read in the next week and why. A new series! Illustrated by our reigning Caldecott Medal winner, Sophie Blackall, and written by John Bemelmans Marciano – two members of the Atlas Powder Picture Book Company (a.k.a. […]

Notes on March 2016

2016 Geisel

In March… …we looked at the new books coming from past Geisel winners. …I Instagrammed two author events: Ruth McNally Barshaw and Bob Shea. …Donald Trump reviewed some Seuss classics.

Steal This Idea: Family Fort Night at the Library

Herrick DL

The Location: My local public library (Herrick DL). The Event: Family Fort Night. The Plan: For an hour after the library closes, families have run of the children’s section. After a whole group story time, kids and their grown-ups build forts out of whatever materials they bring (clips provided by the library). Then: Grab some […]

Instagramming an Author Event: An Evening with Bob Shea (And a Special Guest)

Bob Shea Checklist

All ready for our Bob Shea event! AHH! NO! Not ready! I missed something! Ah. Better. Break out the balloons, folks – Bob Shea (and a special guest) visited our school district last night and I have the square-shaped photos to prove it. I’ve never helped organize an evening author event, but I was feeling […]

The Bittersweet Librarian: Full Saturation

Copies of Wonder

You know, I thought I would be happy to see this day. The day when, if a student asked for this book, I could stride over to the shelf, heroically pull it from its place, and make a kid’s day, instead of what I usually have to do: tell them “I think it’s checked out. […]

Book Covers: Before and After

Skinny Bones Old

While I tend to think I can spot a cover that will not be a huge success, it can be very difficult to know which covers will draw positive attention – and for what reasons. There are certainly times when I think as I set a book face out, “I better reinforce the carpet in this […]

Create Your Own Meta Picture Book

Meta Generator

Meta picture books, where a book somehow comments on the book itself, have seen an explosion in popularity in the last few years, with a number of wildly creative titles. You know what I’m talking about… For fun, why not create your own. Use one of the Meta Picture Book Title generators below. Go ahead […]

Instagramming an Author Visit: Ruth McNally Barshaw

RMB Window

Window decorated: Signs created: And hung: Gift bag assembled. (Thank you Niki (a.k.a. Daydream Reader)): Student book orders procured: Let’s do this. Yesterday author/illustrator Ruth McNally Barshaw visited our school. It was a good day. Way back in aught eight, I read, loved, and reviewed Ellie McDoodle: Have Pen Will Travel (I forgot how nuts […]

Donald Trump Reviews Children’s Books

Trump Reviews

Today we have a guest post by the frontrunner in the race for the republican presidential nomination, Donald Trump¹. He offered to review a few Dr. Seuss classics… Green Eggs and Ham Phony loser Ted Cruz’s favorite book. Not surprising – it was written by another Ted (Geisel) who also uses a phony name. Careful – […]