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A Great Big Creativity Project Giveaway!

Creativity Project

It’s May of 2016. I’m with Colby Sharp interviewing Dav Pilkey for The Yarn podcast. During that interview, Colby got an idea for a book. But I didn’t know that. A couple weeks later, I got a message from Colby that went something like “Oh, hey, I have a literary agent now and I have an […]

2018 Books from Newbery Medal/Honor Winners

2018 Newbery

Last week we had a look at the 2018 releases from former Caldecott Medal and Honor winners. It’s time for Newbery. Did I miss any? Let’s hear it in the comments. (Cover not yet released)  

Name That Book! Kid Drawing Edition


A bunch of teachers at my school asked students to draw their favorite book and write a couple sentences about why they love it. They’re on display in the hallways. The pictures are so great I thought it would be fun to turn it into a challenge. Can you name the book based on the student […]

Battle of the Bear Wisdom


What are the chances that this spring we would have two advice books, both featuring famous children’s literature bears, both titled Grin and Bear It? Well, I feel that that part (about the title) is kind of a given – if you have an advice book featuring a bear what else are you going to […]

2018 Books from Caldecott Medal/Honor Winners

2018 Caldecott

While all of the Caldecott winners this year were first timers, that’s fairly rare. Most years, a past winner or two will turn up to claim another shiny sticker. Since that’s the case, it seems like looking at 2018 releases from past winners is a good place to spot potential 2019 winners. Oh, also, there’s […]

Notes on February 2018


In February . . . . . . there were some happy book creators. Is any tweet better than a Youth Media Award winner tweet? I rounded up my favorites. . . . I asked Niki Grimes three questions.  Including the all-important “favorite snack closer”. . . . we found out what Aaron Becker has […]

A Few Random Thoughts on the Bestselling Children’s Books of 2017


Publishers Weekly just released their list of the bestselling children’s book of 2017. I have a few thoughts . . . Pete the Cat, man. He keeps on keeping on. The bestselling new picture book of 2017 was 5-Minute Pete the Cat Stories. It beat out She Persisted by Chelsea Clinton and Dragons Love Tacos 2. […]

Auto-Completed Children’s Books (#3) Moo, Baa, La La La!

Auto Completed

Okay, Google – you think you’re pretty smart? How about you try completing the text from famous children’s books. I’ll type the beginning of each line into a Google search (plain text below), and you try to finish the line (bold text below). (All credit to @botnikstudions for the inspiration) Previously . . . Auto-Completed Children’s […]

What Aaron Becker Has Been Up To: Behind the Scenes of A STONE FOR SASCHA

A Stone for Sascha

After his award-winning Journey trilogy, I’ve been curious to see what Aaron Becker does next. A Stone for Sascha (May 8, 2018) is the answer. You may have seen the cover: Today we take an exclusive look behind the scenes of how the book was made.

The Best Tweets from the 2018 Youth Media Awards

#theviewfromhere — John Schu (@MrSchuReads) February 12, 2018 YMAs….important note to self for the end, and the rest of you, since I have no assurance regarding my future mental state. — Nina Lindsay (@OaklandNina) February 12, 2018 Breaking the no-screen-time for baby rule…#alayma — Megan Dowd Lambert (@MDowdLambert) February 12, 2018 Is […]

The Day After: Random Thoughts on the 2018 Youth Media Awards


A whole lot of great and interesting things happened during the 2018 Youth Media Awards. Here are my random thoughts on Geisel, Caldecott, and Newbery . . . Geisel: Two former winners here – Paul Meisel and Ted Arnold Very happy to see Charlie & Mouse win the gold. It’s one of the few books I […]

The 2018 Caldecott Comment Card


Once the winners have been announced, I want to know what you think. Go ahead and share in the comments. Which choice are you happiest with? Which book did the committee miss?

The February Newsletter is Terrifying


Yesterday I sent out the February installment of FROM THE DESK OF 100 SCOPE NOTES. It includes a story about a terrifying snowflake. You can see it here. Interested in having future newsletters sent directly to your inbox? Click here to sign up.

Some Things You Might Not Know about Madeleine L’Engle

Becoming Madeleine

Something a bit different today – a piece about children’s literature legend Madeleine L’Engle. L’Engle’s granddaughters Charlotte Jones Voiklis and Léna Roy have written a biography about her, which is out tomorrow (Feb. 6, 2018), and I asked Léna to share a three things that surprised her most while writing the bio. Léna, the floor is […]

Ten Years Later: The Unforgettable 2008 Newbery/Caldecott


You have those day-to-day checklists, where you’re making sure you buy air filters and take enough naps, and then you have those bigger checklists of things you’d like to do someday if you can manage it. Our latest episode of The Yarn falls into the latter category for me. The winners of the 2008 Newbery […]