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Unfortunate Covers (#7)

What you see above is my all-time favorite bad album cover. Believe it or not, this was hanging on my wall for the duration of my junior and senior years of college. The difference between this bad album cover and the latest Unfortunate Cover is what’s on the inside. The record that was inside the […]

Unfortunate Covers (#6)

(Take a look at previous Unfortunate Covers. #1, #2, #3, #4, #5) While I was going through the fiction shelves the other day, I came across a book cover that I’d seen years ago, but had forgotten all about. This, the sixth entry into the ongoing Unfortunate Covers series is the first title that I […]

Unfortunate Covers (#5)

What makes a cover unfortunate? Well, it happens when you follow this recipe: 1) Take one good book (the higher the quality the better – a classic is best) 2) Slather on a cover that only a mother could love 3) Allow it to rest on the shelf 4) Serve after it has expired by […]

Unfortunate Covers (#4)

For this edition of the ongoing Unfortunate Covers series, we’re back to Roald Dahl. Another great book with a cover that isn’t helping the cause: “Danny the Champion of the World” Even though I took lengthy measures to avoid math after high school, I’d like to put an equation out there for cover art designers: […]

Unfortunate Covers (#3)

This one was difficult to include in the ongoing Unfortunate Covers series (click here for #1 and #2), but unfortunate it seems to be – at least in the eyes of some of the students I work with. “Bridge to Terabithia” is an outstanding story, a Newbery winner, and it made me cry like “Beaches” […]

Unfortunate Covers (#2)

Flashback to ’05. It’s my first year as an elementary school librarian and I’m eager to share my personal favorite books to students. I love Roald Dahl and I especially loved his funny, exciting, and poignant “Boy: Tales of Childhood“. Our library didn’t own a copy, so I fired off an order and waited with […]

Unfortunate Covers (#1)

In my job as a school librarian, I occasionally run into books with unfortunate covers. By “unfortunate” I mean this: an otherwise solid book is saddled with cover art that does nothing for its kid appeal. You just know that no matter how hard you try to recommend it to a student, they’re gonna take […]