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Books on Film: Claymation Wild Things

Wild Things Claymation

Have you ever searched “Where the Wild Things Are” on YouTube? All kinds of unusual stuff. This one stuck with me – a claymation version of the children’s classic. Be sure to stick around for the wild rumpus.

One Star Review Guess Who? (#18)

One Star Review Guess Who

Can you guess the classic children’s book by its scathing one-star review on Goodreads or Amazon? When I saw young women in my age reading [title], there was one thing I felt. The culture is lost, the folk tale is lost. The meaning of folk tales is lost. The generation who is in my age […]

2014 Books from Caldecott Winners

Books From Caldecott Winners

As evidenced by David Wiesner picking up his third Caldecott Honor in January (joining his three Caldecott Medals), previous winners often pop up and win again. With that in mind, here are the 2014 releases from illustrators who have won Caldecott Medals or Honors. If there are any I missed, let’s hear it in the […]

Morning Notes: Loose Glitter Edition


LIKE NAILS ON A BOOK COVER At my wizened age, I’m coming to realize I’m a process nerd. I love it when something goes from “cool” to “AMAZING!” when you find out how it was made. And that, my friends, is exactly what happened when I saw these new Puffin Chalks over at Caustic Cover […]

What Are You? The Results

Title Results

Yesterday, out of curiosity, I polled readers who work in school libraries about their job title. It’s results time, folks. School librarian came out on top, teacher librarian second, and library media specialist third.

What Are You?


Because I’m curious. If this poll applies to you, please select one. POLL IS CLOSED – CLICK HERE FOR THE RESULTS

2014 Book Spine Poem Gallery


Thank you to each and every brave soul who sent in a book spine poem to help celebrate National Poetry Month during April. This year we had students, teachers, librarians, publishers, and authors give it a shot. If you want in, there’s still time. Make a poem, take a picture, and sent it my way […]

#Holdshelf: March 2013

Mr Schu Holdshelf

A glimpse at the hold shelf is a glimpse into the minds of young readers. – Guy I. Madeup It’s time to take a look at the books kids are lining up to read. Thank you to everyone who sent in their shelves. First up, John Schu’s school library: Here’s my hold shelf: Amy M: […]

Poetry Friday: I’m Mad?

poetry friday button

Every Friday in March I’m posting a new book spine poem to gear up for National Poetry Month in April. Get in on the act! On Tuesday, April 1, I’m putting up a gallery of your submissions – click here for details on how to submit your poem (and you can check out last year’s gallery to see what […]

Morning Notes: Anybody! Edition

JK Interview

WHAT SOLD IN 2013? Publisher’s Weekly puts numbers to names, listing the best selling children’s books of last year. You can guess #1? Can you guess the first picture book on the list? Click here to read. CHILDREN’S LIT ON THE AIRWAVES On a recent episode of On Point, Tom Ashbrook talks to LeVar Burton, […]

Link Du Jour: Harriet the Spy is 50


If you’re not familiar with the Sharp Schu Book Club, tonight (Tuesday, March 25) might be a good time to get acquainted. At 8:00 pm ET teacher Colby Sharp (click here for his Twitter) and teacher-librarian John Schu (click here for his Twitter) will be leading a discussion about Harriet the Spy, which is celebrating […]

#Holdshelf: 7 Days Away

Illustrated Hold Shelf

#Holdshelf is a monthly round-up of books on hold at libraries around the country hosted by this blog and Watch. Connect. Read. Click here to see last month’s gallery. You want in? Snap a photo, make a Vine, heck – draw a picture of your hold shelf and email it to scopenotes @ gmail dot […]

Nonfiction Monday: Shackleton’s Journey by William Grill

Shackleton's Journey

Shackleton’s Journey By William Grill Flying Eye Books (Nobrow) ISBN: 9781909263109 $24.00 Grades 3 and Up In Stores Find it at: Schuler Books | Your Library Some works of nonfiction come off a bit like assignments. The author dutifully studies a topic and relates the subject matter for young readers. Other nonfiction books, like Shackleton’s […]

tumblr: why?!?!


I was having a conversation with some librarian friends the other week when we got on the topic of tumblr. I made my usual comment, which is something along the lines of “I don’t understand.” The conversation reminded me that I started a tumblr a while back, and that maybe I should try to understand. So […]

Poetry Friday: I Feel the Same Way


Every Friday in March I’m posting a new book spine poem to gear up for National Poetry Month in April. Get in on the act! On Tuesday, April 1, I’m putting up a gallery of your submissions – click here for details on how to submit your poem (and you can check out last year’s […]