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Link Du Jour: Nonfiction Monday is a-Changin’

Did you know that Nonfiction Monday is about to enter it’s eighth year? The time, how it flies. It seems like just yesterday I hosted Nontraditional Nonfiction Monday (I still want to do that review via carved pumpkin). For the newcomers, Nonfiction Monday is pretty much what you’d expect – the day of the week designated […]

Link Du Jour: Librarians in the Mitten State

Attention Michigan children’s librarians! MI KidLib is coming to the Main Branch of Clinton-Macomb Public Library on February 21. MI KidLib follows the unconference model, meaning all session topics will be decided by the attendees on the morning of the event. I attended my first unconference this year, NerdCamp, and was so impressed with the experience. And did […]

Link Du Jour: Banned Books

Seeing as how today is the beginning of Banned Books Week and all, take a moment to explore ALAs Banned and Challenged Books website, where you can learn things like… …what was the most challenged book of the 00s? …what was the most challenged book of the 1990s? …and ways to advocate for freedom of […]

Link Du Jour: National Book Award Longlist Announced!

The 10 title longlist for the Young People’s Literature category of the National Book Awards has been announced, and it’s a varied assortment of Newbery contender-ish middle grade (The Real Boy, A Tangle of Knots), YA (Two Boys Kissing), and (alright!) a graphic novel (Boxers & Saints), among others. As I mentioned last week, it’s […]

Link Du Jour: Horn Book Yearbook

What if we treated the past year of children’s books like a class of students? The Horn Book had some fun whipping up their 2012-13 Yearbook Superlatives. Awards include Best dancers, Class clown, and, of course, Most conceited. Click here to check it out. And I agree about Blop. Weirdest by a mile.

Link Du Jour: Dear Parents

The great Joyce Valenza over at NeverEnding Search has already shared this, but if anything deserves to go school librarian viral, it’s Doug Johnson’s take on the library back-to-school letter. A simple step to starting the year on the right foot. Click here to read. (Illustration made with Paper by 53)

Link Du Jour: Citation Needed

No hard-hitting article to ponder today – just a t-shirt. This one’s for all the librarians living in the era of Wikipedia. I think I need to add this to my student research teaching wardrobe. Click here to view it. (Thanks to LISNews for the link)

Link Du Jour: Extreme Preview: Spring 2014 Edition

In terms of previews, you won’t find one more eye-strainingly advanced than this, the Spring 2014 Sneak Previews from Publishers Weekly. Highlights! A new Pigeon book, a Barnett/Van Duesen team-up, and Wild Things! Acts of Mischief in Children’s Literature by Betsy Bird, Julie Danielson, and Peter Sieruta. Click here for the whole thing.

Link Du Jour: 2014 Newbery Hopefuls (According to Goodreads)

June is the time of year when the Mock Newbery favorites on Goodreads start taking shape. Let’s pull up the top five, and you can click here to see the entire list. While it’s far from a lock, the Goodreads list can be a good indicator of books that might end up in the Newbery discussion. […]

Link Du Jour: BEA Buzz

“So children’s publishing, how’s your upcoming season?” “I’d say strong … to quite strong.”¹ Publishers (no apostrophe, please) Weekly tells tales of all the high-buzz books coming in this summer and fall. DiCamillo, Willems, Henkes – lots of familiar faces here. Click here to read. *UPDATE* PW also has an excellent gallery of all the […]

Link Du Jour: The 2013 Boston Globe-Horn Book Awards Announced

The Boston Globe-Horn Book Awards stand apart because… …they don’t look at books published in the typical year (that is, January 1 to December 31), but run on a June 1 to May 31 schedule. …the books must be published in America, but the authors and illustrators can be of any nationality. And, hey, the […]

Link Du Jour: nErDcamp

This one is especially for Michigan folks. Teacher and Nerdy Book Club Blog co-mastermind Colby Sharp is up to more masterminding. He went and created nErDcamp, a daylong event with a literacy focus. The goal is to bring together a variety of educators to talk reading, writing, and thinking on July 11 in Battle Creek, MI. […]

Link Du Jour: 2013: The Bestsellers So Far

Publishers Weekly recently published their list of the bestselling books from January-March of 2013. You may not be shocked at the top children’s book on the list, but I bet the second kid’s book on the list (which narrowly bested 50 Shades of Grey) might come as a slight surprise. Here’s a hint – it’s […]

Link Du Jour: Fall 2013 Sneak Previews from PW

When it comes to nuts and bolts, “here’s the big stuff”-type previews, Publishers Weekly is the place to go. They recently put up their Fall 2013 Sneak Previews, and now my eyebrows are tired (from all the raising). If you’re interested in upcoming books, check it out.  Publishers Weekly Fall 2013 Sneak Previews

Link Du Jour: A Lamp for Book Lovers

Best lamp ever? The Lumio lamp, a Kickstarter project, looks like it will soon be a reality. Click here to read more. (Thanks to Book Patrol for the link)