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Morning Notes: Bills in Books Edition


THURSDAY AT THE THEATER While there was a Japanese animated film, The Magic Tree House series has never been adapted for U.S. audiences. That may change soon. Click here to read. (Thanks to EarlyWord for the link) GO NERDCAMPING Nerdcamp MI is going to be great this year. Short description: it’s an unconference focused on literacy. Long […]

Morning Notes: Newbery Marzipan Edition

Unshelved 4

WHERE IS THE DIVERSITY IN PUBLISHING? A year in the making, Lee & Low books just published the results of their Diversity in Publishing survey. It includes data from 34 publishers and 8 review journals. Click the image below for a closer look and additional details. (Thanks to Bookshelves of Doom for the Link) TODAY […]

Morning Notes: All Cop Edition

Dog Man

NO MORE CAKE The aftermath of Scholastic pulling A Birthday Cake for George Washington continues. The story has been picked up by, let’s see… The New York Times TIME NPR BBC CBS News And others. THE ART OF THE AWARD PLACEMENT This week there have been a lot of librarians putting award stickers on books […]

Morning Notes: Secret Political Message Edition

We Found a Hat

ONE OF AMERICA’S MOST POPULAR CHILDREN’S BOOKS HAS A SECRET POLITICAL MESSAGE Read Headline Alert! This one from the Washington Post – what book are they talking about? Click here to read more. (Thanks to my brother Zach for the link) RAYMOND BRIGGS: ‘DON’T CALL ME THE KING OF CHRISTMAS. I DON’T LIKE CHILDREN, I […]

Morning Notes: Beware the Sun Edition

Little Red

BEST OF THE BEST EarlyWord did something fun: they crunched the numbers on all the best of the year lists and identified the books that appeared most often. It’s like the Best of 2015: Greatest Hits Collection. Click here to see the books. THE SNOWMAN GETS A BETTER TITLE Courtesy of the Better Book Titles […]

Morning Notes: Double Best Edition

A Monster Calls

KIRKUS BEST The thing about large best of the year lists is that they’re likely to include stuff that doesn’t get a lot of press. Case in point: Kirkus released their Best Picture Books of 2015 and there are a bunch of surprises on there. And nice to see Tea Party in the Woods included, […]

Morning Notes: Where’s the Squirrel? Edition

Seuss Graph

NATIONAL BOOK AWARD AWARDED First there were 10: Then five: Now one: Our National Book Award winner in the young people’s literature category is Challenger Deep by Neal Shusterman. THE STATISTICAL DOMINANCE OF DR. SEUSS Real headline alert! Priceonomics looks at the authors who have sold the most children’s books. While they’re using numbers from […]

Morning Notes: Careful At Home Kids Edition


GOOD CHOICE Oh, the best of the year lists are coming out at a steady clip now. The Goodreads Choice Awards are the latest. They also happen to be pretty fun. There are a bunch of good books are nominated, and you can visit and vote for your favorites easily. I encourage you to do […]

Morning Notes: Elaborate Hoax Meter Edition

Maybe a Fox

WONDER OF WONDERS A bunch of talented children’s literature folks recently banded together to create All the Wonders, a site that wants to take readers “beyond the book”. Here’s the deal: they take a book (like Ed Vere’s Max the Brave) and offer up a bunch of stuff to go along with it. There’s a song […]

Morning Notes: Two Truths and a Lie Edition

Mercy Watson

THESE ARE THE STARS ShelfTalker recently updated their annual list of books that have received starred reviews from the major review journals. Man, do I need to read Lost in NYC. Click here to see the list. BONUS YARN Under the cover of darkness a brand new bonus episode of The Yarn has been released. […]

Morning Notes: The Lorax-o’-Lantern Edition

Colfer and Jeffers

A SHORT LIST The National Book Award field has been halved from ten to five in the Young People’s Literature Category. Here are the five left standing: (Click to enlarge) The winner will be announced on November 18. THERE ARE NO BOY BOOKS Author Shannon Hale continues to say the things that need to be […]

Morning Notes: Mousetrap Edition

Thunder Boy 1

NERDCAMP NEWS Although we are 9 or so months away, we have our first author announcement for Nerdcamp 2016. Click here to see who it is. CLEANING UP THE STREETS OF KALAMAZOO CITY It’s a cop movie in book form, so it makes sense that Jarrett J. Krosoczka’s Platypus Police Squad will be coming to […]

Morning Notes: A Grown-Up Wrote It Edition


 NO GOOD VERY BAD BOOK In the New York Times, cartoonist Grant Snider brings us The Very Bad Picture Book. Click here to read. THE SPORTIEST OF SPORTY I haven’t mentioned one of these lists in a while, but Booklist keeps on releasing Top 10 lists to keep an eye on, like this one: the […]

Morning Notes: Baton-Twirling Edition


BACK ON THE BUS The Number Five Bus Presents…, one of the coolest children’s lit interview projects ever is up and running for Season Two. First up, Matthew Cordell and David Ezra Stein. Click here to read. THE PRICE IS RIGHT FOR BOOKS Over at Bookends, Cindy details a thrift store find that ended up […]

Morning Notes: Expeditious Edition

Selznick Studio

CHILDREN’S LITERATURE VANITY FAIR Marc Tyler Nobleman is my kind of guy – always looking to have a good time on his blog. You remember last year when he had authors read their bad reviews, right? He’s back with an idea he adapted from Vanity Fair – The Proust Questionnaire. Over the next few days, […]