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Cover Curiosity: Bag It


Is your cover in need of something to make it stand out? Bag it. Okay for Now by Gary D. Schmidt How to Die of Embarrassment Every Day by Ann Hodgman Zitface by Emily Howse And a couple from the past… Baghead by Jarrett J. Krosoczka (Thanks to Katie Davis and Greg Pincus for the […]

Cover Curiosity: Cons-istantly Covered

romeo cover

It almost feels redundant to mention it, but Converse All-Stars are about the biggest thing going in middle grade/YA cover trends right now. It makes sense – they’re so uniquely versatile, with the ability to span generations and look hip at every stop. Let’s spy some recent examples: Pete the Cat by Eric Litwin; illustrated […]

Cover Curiosity: It’s a Hit

Countdown Big

An agreeable side effect of featuring cover lookalikes is that I occasionally find a suggestion in my inbox. Today’s Cover Curiosity is a perfect example. With credit and thanks to Cindy Dobrez, school librarian and Bookends blogger (a site you should be reading if you aren’t already), I bring you a possible trend in the […]

Cover Curiosity: Made in the Shade

Bunny Days

Some of the entries into the Cover Curiosities file are clearly the doing of the Intentional Bogeyman (holding stuff, I’m talking about you), others I chalk up to the Ghost of Random Chance. I am very superstitious about about my cover similarities. Today’s submission strikes me as a member of the latter camp, but I […]

Mega Cover Curiosity: Quadruple Trend Update

Dark Souls

I don’t really know how this happened, but in my travels and perusings I’ve encountered a batch of covers that fit in with trends I’ve posted about in the past. Let’s see if we can plug them in where they belong… Dark Souls by Paula Morris Ah, yes, this one goes in the Gothic Gates […]

Cover Curiosity: Cousins


A while back I covered a trend where titles were given huge font sizes and broken into chunks. À la this: Today’s curiosity strikes me as a cousin to the above trend. Let’s take a look at the first book: LMNO Peas by Keith Baker. …and our second example… Tony Baloney by Man Munoz Ryan & […]

Cover Curiosity: Cut-Outs Continued Elsewhere

beautiful buttons

Let the trend continue! The blog she reads and reads saw my Cover Curiosity post on paper chain people and ran with it, coming up with all sorts of covers that match. Which is the best? I’ll vote with my stomach and go with the gingerbread cover for Beautiful Buttons. *Update* My stomach, as it […]

Cover Curiosity: It’s a (Mis)Match

Sweet 15

Got a conflicted character? A bit of a “stuck between worlds” situation? Go for the mismatch. Let’s take a look: Sweet 15 by Emily Adler & Alex Echevarria Next up… Are These My Basoomas I See Before Me? by Louise Rennison Thirdly… Cinderella Cleaners: Rock & Roll by Maya Gold And finally… The Reinvention of […]

Cover Curiosity: Seeing Double

Strange Happenings

Something (kinda) old and two somethings new in today’s Cover Curiosity. Click here to see all past Cover Curiosity posts. The following covers use the mirror effect in three different ways, yet a similar trio they make. First up, something (kinda) old: Strange Happenings by Avi. Published May 2006. Something new… The Properties of Water […]

Mega Cover Curiosity: Battle of the Zombie Trends

Great Wall

Some cover trends are like zombies – they refuse to die (this knowledge of zombie movies is strictly secondhand, as I’m too chicken to actually watch this sort of film). Today we look at not one, not two, but a trio of trends that I thought were buried, yet dramatically shot their gnarled hands out […]

Cover Curiosity: Framed!

Penny Dreadful Cover

Sometimes a cover trend (see: socks) irritates me like loose glitter. Other times, I really don’t mind it. Today qualifies as the latter. I am enjoying the peculiar re-occurrence of picture frame walls. With a double high-five’s worth of appreciation to Boni Ashburn, who alerted me to this trend, let’s take a look at the […]

Cover Curiosity: Holding the Goose


There are plenty of cover elements that have become common. Socks. Staring into the distance. Faces. But girls holding geese? That’s rare. You tend to remember that. Such is the case in today’s cover curiosity. Let’s take a look at the first cover: Alchemy and Meggy Swann by Karen Cushman. And it’s twin… Fly by […]

Cover Curiosity: It’s Gettin’ Dusty


Here’s the question I asked myself. If you have two book covers that share a similar theme/layout/tone, is it true controversy? Nay. Therefore I’m calling these instances “Cover Curiosities” from here on out. I’ll save “controversy” for cases where it truly applies. Now, on to the books… You know you have an adventure on your […]

Cover Controversy: Psycho Sequel


A couple months back, we looked at book covers that were, well, a bit psycho. Take a look to see what I mean: A creepy tone is shared, is it not? Today, we have an addition to this group. Thanks to Bookends blogger Cindy for tipping me off to… Unwind by Neal Shusterman. A blurry […]

Cover Controversy: Blatent Barrette Banning


Reader Misti clued me in to the fact that a trend first unearthed by A Fuse #8 Production seems to be growing. In what could be nothing other than a cost-saving move, more and more book cover photo-shoot crews have chosen to forgo a hairstylist completely, with shockingly unkempt and windblown results. Let’s have a […]