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One Star Review Guess Who (#6)

Can you guess the classic children’s book by its scathing one-star review on GoodReads or Amazon?

There is NO PLOT. And I don’t mean that there’s a very simple plot, as would suit a children’s book, but there is ABSOLUTELY NO PLOT! There are no characters. There is no story. It’s just a collection of ugly 1960s cartoons about dogs, with accompanying sentences. And the worst part is that my little brother loves it and makes me read it to him all the time. WHY?!?!?!?! I wouldn’t at all mind if he wanted me to read something like Oh, the Places You’ll Go! or Where the Wild Things Are. But no, it’s this.

Click here for the answer.

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Travis Jonker is an elementary school librarian in Michigan. He writes reviews (and the occasional article or two) for School Library Journal and is a member of the 2014 Caldecott committee. You can email Travis at scopenotes@gmail.com, or follow him on Twitter: @100scopenotes.


  1. Clementine B says

    haha! shamefully perhaps, I don’t wholly disagree! that’s a book I definitely don’t ‘get’

  2. I was POSITIVE the reviewer was describing Fred Gwynne’s Easy To See Why, but alas, I was totally wrong!

    • Travis Jonker says

      This is one of my favorites so far – I like how the little brother loves it.

  3. Maureen Wynkoop says

    I’m confused! This is obviously Go Dog Go, but when I click for the answer it says Good Night Moon.

    “Do you like my hat?”

    • Travis Jonker says

      Thanks for the catch, Maureen – you’re right on the answer. I corrected the link!

  4. Clementine B says

    oh, in which case I don’t agree anymore

  5. wow, 1960’s cartoons about dogs? No wonder I couldn’t guess the correct answer!

    • okay, this makes more sense–when I clicked on the link it still went to Goodnight Moon! I thought, “How could anyone mistake those rabbits for dogs?”

  6. Officially my new favorite game!

  7. It may have no plot, but it has a Dog Party! A Big Dog Party! How can the reviewer ignore that wonderful moment? (And the Party Hat! What a Party Hat!)

    Wow. Now that I think about it, I first read Go Dog. Go! when I was a small child. So I fell under the spell myself. Plot? Who needs it? I guess I’m not an objective judge.

  8. whoo-boy, wait until this kid encounters Waiting for Godot!