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One Star Review Guess Who? (#1)

New feature time!

Can you guess the classic children’s book by its scathing one-star review on GoodReads or Amazon? We’re starting off today with an easy one.

The kid is a jerk and is sent to his room without supper. He proceeds to go to some magical place where these monsters live and he bosses them around and is mean to them. Then he gets back home…having not learned that being a mean jerk is wrong…What’s the lesson here exactly?

Click here for the answer.

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About Travis Jonker

Travis Jonker is an elementary school librarian in Michigan. He writes reviews (and the occasional article or two) for School Library Journal and is a member of the 2014 Caldecott committee. You can email Travis at scopenotes@gmail.com, or follow him on Twitter: @100scopenotes.


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