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Newbery/Caldecott 2012: Checking In

Newbery 2012

While I like to leave the early Newbery and Caldecott award predictions to those bold enough to make them (Fuse #8 Production, I like your gumption, kid), I do like to survey the landscape early on for books that might be in the discussion come January. One of the best ways I’ve found to do […]

Unfortunate Covers (#16)


An Unfortunate Cover occurs when a good book has a cover that isn’t holding up its end of the bargain. The latest addition to the Hall of Cover Infamy certainly fits this description. While Apple Paperbacks make for pretty easy targets, sometimes you just have to shoot that fish in the barrel. Fourth Grade Rats […]

Review: Three by the Sea by Mini Grey

Three by the Sea

Three by the Sea By Mini Grey Knopf (Random House) ISBN: 9780224083621 $17.99 Grades K-2 In Stores The meddler. We all know one. Leave it to Mini Grey (Traction Man is Here!) and her formidable talents to pull off a picture book that explores this subject with unexpected nuance. Sure the meddler can be bad, […]

Catalog Cards for Sale


I work in four elementary school libraries and we are undergoing summer renovations at two of them. The good? Next year we will arrive to new carpet, paint, and lighting. I can’t wait. The not-quite-as-good? We need to get out of the way before the school year ends and the buildings are turned into construction […]

Covering the Newbery (#20): Call it Courage

Call it Courage

Covering the Newbery: redoing every Newbery-winning cover since, oh I don’t know, a few months ago. 1941: Call it Courage by Armstrong Sperry Early Cover: My Redo: Side by Side: Verdict: Brighter, but not a huge success. The early cover gives a much better indication of the story. Read Previous Covering the Newbery Posts: 1940: […]

What’s in the Mysterious Envelope of Mystery?


Hey, what’s in the envelope? Awww, yeah! Time to bust out my finest wicker hat, cause I’m heading to New Orleans for the American Library Association Annual Conference. But here’s the question: will you be there?

New Books: An Annotated Guide

New Books 001

A nearing-the-end-of-the-school-year book order just came in to the 5th and 6th grade school where I work. Here’s a peek at the goods, and a few words: (click the images to enlarge) Book I can’t believe I didn’t pick up before: The Lexicon. This guide to the Harry Potter world was once at the center […]

Morning Notes: 1mm X 2mm Edition

ROCKSTARS AND CHILDREN’S BOOKS DON’T OFTEN MEET… …but that’s what happens in the recent Rocco Staino SLJ interview with author Paula Fox, who happens to be the grandmother of one Courtney Love. An excellent Q and A all around. Click here to read. (Thanks to Read Roger for the link) THE BEST TINY BOOKS AROUND […]

Children’s Lit Commish: ‘Hunger Games Details Wanted’


The following is a work of fiction. In a shockingly unprofessional move, the International Children’s Literature Commissioner made it known today that he is desperate for insider casting and script details about the upcoming Hunger Games film, based on the best-selling science fiction novel by Suzanne Collins. Appearing in front of a massive press corps, […]

Covering the Newbery (#19): Daniel Boone

Daniel Boone

Every Monday (save for the Mondays when I don’t) I’m attempting to redo the cover of every book that has won the Newbery Award. Bring on the 1940s! 1940: Daniel Boone by James Daugherty Original Cover: My Redo: Side by Side: Verdict: I don’t mind the tree ring motif, but it’s hard to outdo the […]

Toon Review: The Secret Box by Barbara Lehman


The Secret Box By Barbara Lehman Houghton Mifflin ISBN: 9780547238685 $15.99 Grades K-3 In Stores *Best New Book* (Click images to enlarge) Review copy from library Also reviewed by Charlotte’s Library, Waking Brain Cells. Find this book at your local library with WorldCat.

Create Your Own Middle Grade Book Title for Girls!

Middle Grade Title Generator

I often talk cover trends on this here blog, but rarely do title trends come up. Well, it appears we’re in the midst of one for middle grade books aimed at girls. The equation goes like this: The (insert word ending in -ion) of (insert slightly off kilter first and last name for girls) Have […]

10 to Note: Summer Preview 2011

Summer Preview

With all the summer catalogs properly pored over, now is the time for the quarterly season preview I call 10 to Note. The following is a highly subjective list of books set to arrive in June, July, and August that are intriguing to my eyes and ears. Fiction Missing on Superstition Mountain by Elise Broach; […]

Review: Leap Back Home to Me by Lauren Thompson

Leap Back Home

Leap Back Home to Me By Lauren Thompson Illustrated by Matthew Cordell McElderry Books (Simon & Schuster) ISBN: 9781416906643 $15.99 Grades PreK-1 In Stores Look, I love subversive. I’m a fan of unorthodox. I dig meta. This century’s picture books have been kind to my tastes, with craziness around every corner. But it seems that […]

Review: Sidekicks by Dan Santat


Sidekicks By Dan Santat Arthur A. Levine Books ISBN: 9780439298117 $24.99 hardcover; $12.99 paperback Grades 3-6 In Stores July 1, 2011 Let us be honest, folks – at this point, you could slap a cape on a coat rack, toss in a few one-liners and our current superhero-crazed culture would eat it up. Give Dan […]