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Children’s Lit Commish: ‘Hunger Games Details Wanted’

The following is a work of fiction.

In a shockingly unprofessional move, the International Children’s Literature Commissioner made it known today that he is desperate for insider casting and script details about the upcoming Hunger Games film, based on the best-selling science fiction novel by Suzanne Collins.

Appearing in front of a massive press corps, the commissioner quickly made his motivations clear.

“I’d like to open today by asking you this: does anyone here have top-secret “deets” on the Hunger Games movie? And don’t waste my time pulling out a ‘Woody Harrelson was cast as Haymitch’-level tidbit, folks – I have a friggin’ subscription to Entertainment Weekly.

After 10 minutes of berating members of the media for any miniscule details they had, and mocking those that were offered, the commissioner announced that the press conference would be cut short.

I’ve been refreshing HungerGabs.biz.co.uk/feelthehungeryall all weekend, people. You could say I know my stuff. And all you have for me is ‘Suzanne Collins is happy with Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss’? I’m done here. This is truly a sad day for Hunger Gamesians. That, by the way, is what we who love top secret Hunger Games movie information call ourselves.

A source close to the Commissioner says he has vowed to hold a grudge against everyone until the film is released on March 23, 2012.

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  1. Travis, I hope I can count on your vote for me as the Children’s Lit Commish for 2012. I intend to run on a platform that involves a lot of mudslinging.

  2. Ha – you have my vote. I think you would bring the change we can believe in. The current International Children’s Lit Commissioner has really gone off the deep end, as evidenced by some of his recent decisions.