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Nonfiction Monday: Ask a Bug

Ask a Bug DK ISBN: 9780756672300 $9.99 Grades 2-4 In Stores If there’s one thing that kids have in spades (other than an undying love of Skittles) it’s questions. Even a parent in the midst of a seemingly endless “why?”-athon understands that this curiosity about the world is vital. The child is learning. Here’s the […]

Nonfiction Monday: Ideas that Changed the World

Ideas that Changed the World: Incredible inventions and the stories behind them DK ISBN: 9780756665319 $24.99 Grades 5-8 In Stores Sometimes, I claim to have ideas. Usually these ideas are either stolen (à la the t-shirt cardigan) or original and stupid (care to hear about my hot dog restaurant called Redonkulous Dogs?). But when honest […]