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Nonfiction Monday: Ask a Bug

Ask a Bug
ISBN: 9780756672300
Grades 2-4
In Stores

If there’s one thing that kids have in spades (other than an undying love of Skittles) it’s questions. Even a parent in the midst of a seemingly endless “why?”-athon understands that this curiosity about the world is vital. The child is learning. Here’s the problem – what if you don’t have the answers? Enter Ask a Bug. This book answers questions kids have about insects in an engaging, highly visual way.

Why do crickets sing? Why are butterflies are so colorful? And speaking of butterflies – how come you never see them when it’s raining? Each two-page spread answers a different question about insects. In addition to the featured question, each page features captions, callouts, lists, and word bubbles answering more specific queries. In an interesting twist, the questions are addressed from the perspective of the insect, giving the impression that the bug is speaking directly to the reader.

DK always does a nice job with images, and this book is no exception. Each page is bursting with large, detailed photos. Although it is short, weighing in at 32 sturdy cardboard pages, the amount of content will have students pleasantly occupied for a long time.

Ask a Bug will make a nice addition to just about any collection you got. Likely to fly off shelves.

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