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Endangered Series #22: The Adventures of Mary-Kate and Ashley

Popularity comes, popularity goes. As librarians we’re always balancing between what will circulate like crazy and what we need to have in the collection. And we’re not the Library of Congress – we can’t (and shouldn’t) keep everything.

An endangered series is one that appears to be waning in terms of popularity. But popularity isn’t everything. Should it stay, or should it go? Or think of it this way – if you were starting a library today, would this series make the cut? Let’s discuss.

The Adventures of Mary-Kate & Ashley (series) by Various

and . . .

The New Adventures of Mary Kate & Ashley (series) by Various

The original series was ten books based on a popular video series that ran from 1994-97. The New Adventures ran from 1998-2005, with 49 books in the series.

The Case for Keeping: The nostalgia associated with these books may be strong with some librarians who came up in the 90s (not that that’s a good reason, I’m just saying why they might still be on some shelves). Readers may still be interested in the “real life” aspect of the books – that they are based on actual people.

The Case for Not: This is a perfect example of a series that was made to be popular in its time. Current young readers will have no familiarity with the main characters. If these paperbacks are somehow still on the shelf, they’re likely hanging on by a thread or already completely falling apart.

Refresh? No.

My Verdict: We weeded these long ago, but I’m willing to bet there are still hanging around in some libraries. They served their purpose and were honorably discharged.

What are you doing with this series at your library? Anyone willing to fess up that they still have these on the shelf?


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