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Hugo Cabret (and Friends) Tried the Voila AI Artist App

When Hugo Cabret (he’s a friend) asked if he could use my phone to try out the new Voila AI Artist app that everyone’s talking about, who was I to say no? If I’ve learned anything over the years, it’s that Hugo is a sucker for technology:

Hugo Cabret: My Technology North Star

Hugo Cabret Tries FaceApp

Snapchatting with Hugo Cabret

So he took Voila AI Artist app for a spin. The app takes a photo of a person and turns it into what that person would look like if they were in an animated movie.

So here’s animated Hugo.

But once Hugo started showing it to his friends, they all wanted a turn.

Shel Silverstein gave it a try:

Abe Lincoln, from Lincoln: A Photobiography wanted in on the action:

Annemarie from Number the Stars tried it:

So did Bud, Not Buddy:

The Stranger from Chris Van Allsburg’s book showed up unexpectedly:

Ella Enchanted wanted to see the animated movie version of herself:

But the best of them all? Johnny Tremain looking like someone straight outta Pokemon:

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  1. Hilarious. And, I would seriously love an Ella Enchanted movie. Make it so!

  2. Thanks 4 the best laugh I’ve had all weekend!