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Exclusive Cover Reveal: Bikes for Sale by Carter Higgins and Zachariah OHora

Cover reveals for friends are the best kind of cover reveals. Carter Higgins has been a pal since back in the Undies Case Cover Awards days. She wrote a book Called Bikes for Sale (out April 9, 2019), and the fantastic Zachariah OHora illustrated it. It’s a lovely book. Today I get to share the cover for the first time. But before that, I wanted to ask Carter some questions:

Travis: Hi Carter! What was the inspiration behind BIKES FOR SALE? Just letting you know, if you say Lance Armstrong I’m going to be really upset.

Carter: Hi, Travis! Nope, not Lance Armstrong. Although I did literally swipe this title from a sign I saw on a telephone pole. Is that some kind of cheating? I hope not.

Bikes for Sale

I spent one summer on Fire Island in New York, where no cars are allowed. It’s bikes and wagons and things with wheels. A good spot for a things-with-wheels mechanic, maybe? I spotted this sign and wanted to know all about the backstory.

Even the line underneath found its way into my story nearly unchanged. It was so mysterious to me, what could happen to these bikes in between being discarded and refurbished, and then what?

Travis: What’s your favorite bike you’ve owned in your life? I have this green Schwinn right now that I really like.

Travis Bike

Carter: This bike!

Carter Bike

I’m the tall one. It had a banana seat and pink fringe. It was perfect.

Travis: You need to settle this age-old bicycle braking system feud: are you Team Caliper or Team Coaster?*

*I have no idea if this is an age-old debate or not, I just wanted to sound smart about bikes for a second. But I am curious about your answer.

Carter: I had to Google it, because I mostly go nowhere on a spin bike—but I’m down for feuds. And you did start this whole thing out by invoking Lance Armstrong. I’m going with Team Coaster—that just sounds more fun, you know?

Travis: I’m with you on that. Why handbrake to stop when you can just push back on the pedal? Feud settled!!! Thanks for the chat, Carter.

And now for the first time, the cover of Bikes for Sale by Carter Higgins and Zachariah OHora:

(Click to enlarge)

Bikes For Sale_FC


Two bike-riding critters form an unexpected team. Bikes for Sale arrives on April 9, 2019.

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  1. Thanks, Travis!

  2. I can’t wait to read this sweet story! Looks like it’s going to be another big hit for Carter Higgins!!