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Exclusive Book Trailer Premiere: Tumble & Blue by Cassie Beasley

I like that book Circus Mirandus – you know it? It was written by Cassie Beasley. Well, now she has another book out – it’s called Tumble & Blue – and I’m here to share a first look at the trailer.

Tumble & Blue

But first, I had a couple important questions (okay one important question and two not important – but fun! – questions) for Cassie:

Circus Mirandus

Travis: What is it like to follow up a book that gained a lot of attention? (Circus Mirandus)

Cassie: It’s a little intimidating! I really want everyone who enjoyed Circus Mirandus to love Tumble & Blue, but of course you can’t force the story into the same mold as what’s come before. Tumble & Blue has its own unique magic, and I had to give myself permission to let it be the book it wanted to be. And now I’m all excitement and nerves, hoping everyone thinks it’s as fun and wacky and wonderful as I do.

Travis: What is something in you do in your writing process that is weird but you can’t write without doing?

Cassie: I have a couple of oddball habits. I can’t write with my back to the room; I need to have a wall behind me. I pace for at least an hour every night, trying to work out what I’m going to put on paper the next day. And I draft in longhand, usually in cursive. I don’t necessarily have to write that way, but it helps me relax and focus.

Travis: What snack puts you in peak creativity mode?

Cassie: Chicken quesadillas from the taco truck in town. It’s only open at the end of the week, and my sister and I both look forward to those days. And jasmine tea. It makes the room smell so good.


Thanks for taking my questions, Cassie – and now here is the first look at the trailer for Tumble & Blue.

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  1. I think I’m gonna name my next cat Maximal Star. (Reading this one aloud to my girls now, and we love it.)

  2. I don’t remember where I first saw this, so my apologies if it has already been on this or one of the other SLJ blogs, but the video on the making of the Tumble & Blue cover art is fascinating: