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Review: Bertolt by Jacques Goldstyn


By Jacques Goldstyn

Enchanted Lion Books

ISBN: 9781592702299
Grades K-2
Out April 11, 2017

Find it at:
Schuler Books | Your Library

Bertolt w Numbers

1. Bertolt is the name of the tree.

2. Jacques Goldstyn is a Canadian author/illustrator/cartoonist. This book was originally published in Canada in French.

3. The unnamed protagonist is a self-described loner. He’s self-aware and happy. But his individuality sometimes gets him teased, like when he chooses a mismatching new glove from the school lost and found. He takes refuge in his favorite tree.

4. This one. Bertolt is a huge oak. The tree keeps many secrets that the boy has discovered over the years.

But one spring, Bertolt doesn’t bloom. The tree is dead.

5. The boy is sad, but has an idea to honor Bertolt. Back to the lost and found box for more gloves, which results in what will surely be one of the best wordless final spreads of 2017.

6. Full of quiet beauty, this 80 page picture book talks about love, loss, and acceptance in a way that is sweet and honest.

A few images from the book:

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  1. Thank you for posting about this fabulous-looking book. As an introvert, French major, tree-hugger, bird-watcher and undertaker’s daughter—I am very, VERY interested in reading it!!

  2. Well, you’ve added yet another book to my reserve list. (Thanks!)

  3. I read this the other day. This book speaks to me so much, as I have a daughter who is a Bertolt. Such a great book.