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Morning Notes: Hidden Panda Edition

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The release of the animated version of the classic book has been delayed for, as E.B. White might say, secret reasons. The plan, as it stands, is for the film to come out later this year with a different distributor. Click here to read more.


The shortlists for the Carnegie and Kate Greenaway medals (a.k.a. the Newbery and Caldecott of the UK (a comparison that I’m sure annoys the UK)) has been announced. Some good books on there, but the real discovery is learning what they call the book Sidewalk Flowers over there. Click here to see the finalists.


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Published in 1667, A Guide For The Childe And Youth is one of the world’s oldest children’s books is now available for viewing in the UK. Click here to see it for yourself.


Kids can vote to select the winners of the Children’s Choice Book Awards until April 25th. Click here to see the finalists and vote.

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Penguin Problems

Penguin Problems by Jory John, illustrated by Lane Smith. Out September 27, 2016.

While watching Planet Earth the other day, I was struck by how difficult it would be to be an emperor penguin in the Antarctic. They have to hang out all winter sitting on their eggs, huddled together to protect themselves from the wind, trying their best to remain (along with their eggs) unfrozen. Man, it’s rough. Pretty noble, but rough. So I don’t know if that’s where Jory John got the inspiration for this book, but I can believe it if it was.

Side note: How did Lane Smith manage to tap into the public consciousness with this cover, which was no doubt created before this meme spread around the internet:


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Have you read A Fuse #8 Production’s Newbery and Caldecott spring predictions? Of course you have. But in case you haven’t. Good call on including Ideas Are All Around, Fuse.

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You know, when you see a trailer for a new series, you (I) assume that the actors have been chosen, scripts have been written, and filming has begun. Silly me. Netflix released this trailer for their Series of Unfortunate Events series a long time ago and now we are finding out that they didn’t even have the most important part cast?! Or was there an actor in this role that decided to leave (wow, really trying to float out come controversy)? You can click on the tweet above to read more at USA Today.

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A little post primary election humor (or reminder of sadness, whichever you prefer). Willy Wonka hosts a debate. Warning: Mildly offensive.

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  1. Footpath Flowers…that is an absolutely charming title!