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Review: Star Wars: Jedi Academy by Jeffrey Brown

Star Wars: Jedi Academy
By Jeffrey Brown


ISBN: 9780545505178
Grades 3-6
In Stores September, 2013

Find it at:
Schuler Books

Books with ties to popular television or movie franchises are a dime a dozen. Well, maybe five dollars for 12, but you get the idea. They’re usually pretty straightforward affairs and more often than not there isn’t much there to hang your hat on in terms of personality or creativity. That’s why it’s refreshing to see a book like Star Wars: Jedi Academy enter this realm. It stands out as a wholly entertaining and unique take on a franchise that is still capturing the imagination of kids.

After finishing primary school on Tatooine, Roan Novachez has his heart set on following his older brother’s footsteps to flight school. Then the bad news arrives – application denied. Roan’s life takes a turn when he receives a letter inviting him to Jedi Academy. Roan accepts but is a fish out of water, with classmates have been at the academy for years. From field trips to student council elections, school dances to first crushes Roan navigates through the ups and downs of the year, eventually realizing that Jedi Academy is where he belongs.

The story is told through Roan’s journal entries and comics, but also a host of “primary sources” – letters, school flyers, classrooom assignments – even the school newspaper. This handmade feel is a nice contrast to the smooth and sleek way the Star Wars universe is typically presented.

Brown doesn’t just regurgitate Star Wars details – he gives a sense of what the universe would be like for a kid. This fresh perspective results in humor that often hits its mark.

Aside from inhabiting similar heavily illustrated territory as Bad Kitty, Captain Underpants, and the new Arnie the Doughnut chapter book (among others), it’s a perfect lead in to the immensely popular Origami Yoda series (itself another well-crafted book with Star Wars connections) . With humor and subtle heart, Jedi Academy is destined to fly off shelves everywhere. Be sure to pick up multiples.

Review copy from the publisher.

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  1. Your review has convinced me to read the book. At first look I thought it was just another book from a movie or television show, so I ignored it. Thanks.

  2. Maria Simon says

    I enjoyed this too! It will be perfect for Star Wars Read Day Oct 5th.

  3. I almost forgot about this ARC I picked up at ALA. I need to read it and get it in the prize box for our games program! Have you seen his other humor books about Leia and Luke as kids? Those are what convinced me this would be good.

  4. I’m a longtime Jeffrey Brown fan and just love that he is doing this. I’m hoping we see more in the series.

  5. I read this book for my meal testing at the beginning of my 7th grade school year, then I haven’t read it for a while then when I did, I just couldn’t stop rereading it over and over again, I am going to try to get the new version of it, hope it will still be in stock when I get to the store.

    P. S. the picture you show here of the cover has a color defect on RW-22, he is yellow, not red. I currently own the the one from last year, can’t wait to read that for the meap for my 8th grade school year, this new book will be interesting.