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Nonfiction Monday: Citizen Scientists by Loree Griffin Burns

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Citizen Scientists
By Loree Griffin Burns
Photographs by Ellen Harasimowicz

Henry Holt

ISBN: 9780805090628
Grades 3-6
In Stores

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Find it at:
Schuler Books | Your Library

Science isn’t for me. Too much to understand. Too complicated. That’s for grown-ups.

Not so fast. Citizen Scientists by Loree Griffin Burns (The Hive Detectives, Tracking Trash) makes science accessible to kids like few books have done. A nonfiction book that not only informs, but might lead to some kids taking action. What’s not to love about that?

The best description of this book is right there on the cover.

“Be a part of scientific discovery from your own backyard”

Science isn’t just for grown-ups in lab coats – everyday citizens can get in the action. Each of the four chapters focuses on a different creature – butterflies in fall, birds in winter, frogs in spring, and ladybugs in summer. Chapters follow a consistent format:

  • A first-person account of a citizen scientist in the field
  • The back story about the reasearch surrounding that particular creature
  • A focus on the groups (Monarch Watch, Christmas Bird Count, etc.) and individuals who conduct this research
  • Tips for doing it yourself, and a quiz to test skills

It’s an effective way to show research from a variety of perspectives. Kids will get the whole picture, learning about the animals and how they are recorded and tracked. Readers will likely be interested in taking part themselves.

The rear of the book is a backmatter-palooza, with additional resources including books, field guides, and websites for more information. A bibliography and glossary round things out nicely.

Photographs and design can make or break a book like this, and Ellen Harasimowicz (photographer) and April Ward (designer) have delivered a beautiful book. Crisp images await the reader at every turn of the page, not just focusing on the critter in question, but also the people who are conducting the research. The overall design is bright and cheerful, with colors and imagery that pair well with the text. Captions are presented in a hand-written font adding to the “citizen scientist” feel.

A well-conceived piece of nonfiction that fills a unique roll. Not just a book, but a call to action.

Review copy from publisher

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  1. Myra from GatheringBooks says

    Hi Travis, thanks for hosting today. Here is our contribution over at GatheringBooks: http://gatheringbooks.wordpress.com/2012/03/05/meet-pirate-ursula-and-her-bloodthirsty-crew-and-a-few-stories-in-between/
    Fats, another member of the GatheringBooks team, reviews Laurence Yep’s middlegrade/YA novel based on real events.
    Will check out the book you mentioned as well.

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    along with philosophical question about replacing outdated books on countries.

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  4. Hi Travis,

    Thanks for hosting Nonfiction Monday! Great minds think alike. We also have a review of Citizen Scientists on The Nonfiction Detectives blog today.

  5. Hi Travis, Thanks for hosting today. Over at my blog I have reviews of two biographies – Louisa May Alcott and Harriet Tubman.

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  7. I love Loree’s writing. I can’t wait to read this one! I’m in with A Black Hole Is Not a Hole at http://laurasalas.wordpress.com/2012/03/05/black-hole/

    Thanks for hosting!

  8. Thanks for hosting! I reviewed Meltdown about the Fukushima disaster.

  9. Thanks for hosting, Travis. At SimplyScience today I have Meltdown! by Fred Bortz.

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    http://www.kidlitwhm.blogspot.com/2012/03/emily-and-carlo-by-marty-rhodes-figley.html Thanks.

  15. Cindy and I are reviewing Cool Animal Names by Dawn Cusick at Bookends today. There are so many classroom uses for this great book and it’s just plain fun too. Thanks for hosting.

  16. Travis! Thanks for hosting today!

    I’ve got a review of A Black Hole is NOT a Hole by Carolyn DeCristofano:


    I love Loree Griffin Burns and I will definitely be checking this one out!

  17. Hello, I am in with We’ve Got A Job:1963 Birmingham Children’s Marchs by Cynthia Levinson. Thanks for opening your space up to NF Monday.


  18. Thanks for looking after today’s event.
    I’m looking at Into the Unknown at Apples with Many Seeds.

  19. Thanks for hosting this week!
    Wild About Nature blog has an interview with Three Little Beaver’s author, Jean Halprein Diehl.


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