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Battle of the Bad Bookmarks: Semifinals

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We’re finally going to decide which bookmark is the worst by way of a bracket-style tournament based on your votes. The exercise in ridiculousness continues today with the results of quarterfinals voting. Cast your vote in the semifinals below.

Quarterfinal #1: Tissue vs. Junk Mail

The winner/loser is…


Quarterfinal #2: Money vs. Another Book

The winner/loser is…

Another Book

Here’s how the voting went down (all numbers are percentages):

Tissue and Another Book both move on to the semis with landslide victories.

Quarterfinal #3: Bandage vs. Tiny Scrap of Paper

The winner/loser is…

Bandage. With apologies to @colbysharp:

Quarterfinal #4: I.D. vs. Pencil

The winner/loser is…


Here’s how the voting went down (all numbers are percentages):

In the closest vote of the quarterfinals, Bandage barely moves on. Pencil makes it to the semis without much fuss.

Let the Semifinals Begin

Polls are open today (Tuesday, February 21) until 8:00 PM EST. Check back tomorrow to see the winners and vote in the finals.

Vote for the worst:

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  1. Thanks for hosting this long-overdue competition! I’d like to nominate my husband for most notorious user of these bad bookmarks: junkmail, tissue and tiny piece of paper.

  2. Travis, I can NOT believe I have missed the first few rounds of this! Brilliant stuff! But, I must nominate a few possibilities for the next time you do this… a q-tip (used, of course) and/or a piece of toilet paper.