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Morning Notes: Green Eggs & Shirt Edition


Author/illustrator Sergio Ruzzier (Hey, Rabbit!) has a great idea – ask book-related folks for their top 10 picture books and share the results, list by list. I even get in on the action. Click here to read.


Based on this still from the upcoming Lorax film, yes.

(Thanks to Bookshelves of Doom for the link)

365 Days of Books

Anita Silvey is doing something cool. She started a blog and will post a book recommendation every day. At the end of the year, the whole thing gets published. There’s some serious knowledge to gain here folks. Click here to check it out.

(Thanks to Get to the Point for the link)


There’s nothing wrong with this image of Green Eggs & Ham broken down into symbols. Thankfully, it is available as a t-shirt:

(Thanks to BuzzFeed for the link)

Four of the top five bestselling chapter books are brand new to the New York Times bestseller list. Let’s name names:

While there is a serious strain of Bieber Fever running through the schools where I work, I have to say I’m happy to see Riordan beat out the Canadian pop star for the #1 spot.

Hey, there are police officer and firefighter playsets, why not a librarian?

Did you know Dr. Seuss is one of the highest-grossing people who aren’t living? I didn’t, until @MrSchuReads pointed out the link above.

One of my all-time favorite book-related videos is the children’s book domino rally put together by HarperCollins UK a while back. Bookmans takes this concept and crafts the best bookstore commercial these eyes have ever seen. The BEST, I say! The level of difficulty here is insane, and you have to grant bonus points for the name of the store spelled out in domino-ing books. Awesome.

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  1. I’m taking a Just Say No stance on the Bieber book. We have his CDs–that’s enough. It seems like the kids were more excited about him six months ago (which is when my godson got his hair cut like him, which was hilarious, not that I mentioned this to him). Or is that just wishful thinking?

  2. Thanks for the video! I’ve been seeing it around on friends’ facebook feeds and the like because it’s local (to us), but I hadn’t realized it went viral. Bookman’s is one of my favorite places to be, and I’m pretty sure that was actually filmed in my favorite Bookman’s store.