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Results! The Big Ol’ Elementary Book Checkout Survey


On Tuesday, I asked all fellow nosy elementary school librarians to spill the deets on their book checkout policies. 205 nosy people responded by completing my survey. Thank you fellow nosy people! And now . . . the results. (Click to enlarge charts)   My Reaction: I was expecting that most school libraries would have […]

Books on Film: Jason Reynolds on The Daily Show

Jason Reynolds

This was great to see. YA literary comet Jason Reynolds appeared on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah to talk about writing for young people. It’s a must-watch, people, so get to it.   And if you’re up for more, here’s our interview with Reynolds for The Yarn:

The Big Ol’ Elementary Book Checkout Survey (That’s Pretty Short)


Admit it – you want to know what goes on in other elementary school libraries. How do they handle check out? How do they handle overdue books? I’m curious too. So I made this pretty short survey to find out how you all are running your libraries. Today we collect data, later this week I’ll […]

“It’s a Book About Nothing”


I’ve recently noticed something about children’s books. Nothing. Nothing has become something. If there’s one requirement for a book, it’s that the book be about something. Because of this, nothing is the ultimate subversion – it makes sense that children’s book creators would want to toy with that. In the past few years, the idea of […]

Name That LEGO Book Cover ! (#6)


I used this website to (virtually) create 3 LEGO book covers. They’re listed from least challenging to most challenging – see how many you can name. #1: Answer #2: Answer #3: Answer How’d you do? Previously . . . Name That LEGO Book Cover! (#1) Name That LEGO Book Cover! (#2) Name That LEGO Book Cover! (#3) […]

Morning Notes: Mike Mulligan Dabbing Edition

Morning Notes Banner

AUTHORS CORRESPOND VIA TIME MAGAZINE A good test: see if you can get through the next two links without getting misty-eyed. If you can, then unfriend me. Link #1: Matt De La Peña wrote a great piece about the importance of darkness in children’s book for TIME. In it, he mentioned a question he’d like […]

Watch the Youth Media Awards LIVE


It’s an annual tradition. The unveiling of my favorite modified creative commons licensed image of all time. The occasion? The upcoming Youth Media Awards webcast. The image has become as well-known (and honored) as the awards themselves. So . . . You can watch the announcements of the 2018 Newbery, Caldecott, and many more from the […]

Auto-Completed Children’s Books (#2) The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Auto Completed

Okay, Google – you think you’re pretty smart? How about you try completing the text from famous children’s books. I’ll type the beginning of each line into a Google search (plain text below), and you try to finish the line (bold text below). (All credit to @botnikstudions for the inspiration) Previously . . . Auto-Completed Children’s […]

The January Edition of FROM THE DESK OF 100 SCOPE NOTES


On Friday I sent out the January installment of FROM THE DESK OF 100 SCOPE NOTES. This edition contains recent recommended reads, a story about fixing a book, and a classic soon to be back on shelves. You can see it here. Interested in having future newsletters sent directly to your inbox? Click here to sign […]

One Star Review Guess Who? (#63)

One Star Review Guess Who

Can you guess the classic children’s book by its scathing one-star review on Goodreads or Amazon? DO NOT LET YOUR CHILD READ THIS BOOK unless you are prepared to sit with them and explain how *wrong* every action in the book is! […] The “bad guy” is simply rich and mean, but doesn’t seem to be […]

‘I can’t wait to check it out. I have it at home!’

Pigeon Reads Pigeon

Here’s something that will be very familiar to any grown-up who’s ever spent some time in a public or school library, but nuts to those who haven’t: the kid who checks out a book they already have at home. I see it all the time. “I have this book at home!” a student will exclaim, holding […]

Streaming LIVE from the Library of Congress: Jackie Woodson

JW Live Stream

Are you reading this before 10:30 a.m. EST on January 9th, 2018? Oh good. Time is an issue because the inauguration of the next National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature (you know who) is streaming live at that time and I wouldn’t want you to miss it. Click here to tune in (or bookmark if you’re early).

The Circs So Far: The 11 Most Popular Picture Books at Our K-4 School

Books Opening GIF

Why do books get popular in a school library? Aside from just the obvious “It’s entertaining”, there are all sort of reasons why a particular book can get checked out a lot. Here’s a quote I often reflect upon while gazing into the distance: The unexamined library is not worth librarianing in. -Travis (with apologies […]

The Children’s Literature Community Welcomes the New Ambassador


You’ve heard the news: Excited that @everychildread, @cbcbook, & @librarycongress has selected me as the 6th National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature! An awesome way to begin 2018! Read more about my platform “READING = HOPE x CHANGE” here: @penguinkids — Jacqueline Woodson (@JackieWoodson) January 4, 2018 Now let’s see what authors and illustrators […]

And the New National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature Is . . .

I lucked out and was on the committee to help pick our next National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature this year. I couldn’t be happier with the result: Exciting News! We are thrilled to announce @JackieWoodson as the 6th National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature! Read about her amazing platform READING = HOPE X CHANGE […]