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Auto-Completed Children’s Books (#4) I Want My Hat Back

Auto Completed

Okay, Google – you think you’re pretty smart? How about you try completing the text from famous children’s books. I’ll type the beginning of each line into a Google search (plain text below), and you try to finish the line (bold text below).

(All credit to @botnikstudions for the inspiration)

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I Want My Hat Back by Jon Klassen

(and Google autocomplete)

Hat Back

My hat it has three corners.

I want it that way.


Have you seen her?

No I haven’t seen your pills meme.

OK. Thank you asl.


Have you ever seen the rain?

No. I have not seen as others saw.

OK. Thanksgiving 2018.


Have you seen this man?

No. Why am I so tired. I haven’t heard that name in years. I haven’t seen any bed bugs. I would not be denied. Don’t ask me about my business.

OK. Thank you animal meme.


Have you seen this wizard poster?

I haven’t seen any star wars movie. I have been trying to reach you.

Would you like me to lie to you now?

Yes, rewards.


Have you ever had a dream?

I saw a hawk what does it mean. It was bluebell time in Kent.

My hat it has three corners. Thank you after job interview.


Have you ever put butter on a Poptart?

What is a bitcoin?

Thank you in italian.


Nobody has seen god.

What if I never love again?

What if nobody paid taxes?

My poor heart.

I miss the old Kanye.


What’s the meaning of life?

I have lost my way. And nobody knows it but me.

What does your spleen do?

It is raining tacos . . .






I love my pillow.


Excuse me, have you got the time please?

No. Why are you applying for this position? I haven’t heard that name in years. I haven’t seen a doctor in years. I would not eat them in a box. Don’t ask me why.

OK. Thank you animation.

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  1. This may be my favorite yet.

  2. The drama, the diamonds, the Kanye…this one has everything you could possibly need.

  3. OMG this is hilarious!