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Nonfiction Monday: Ideas that Changed the World

Ideas that Changed the World: Incredible inventions and the stories behind them
ISBN: 9780756665319
Grades 5-8
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Sometimes, I claim to have ideas. Usually these ideas are either stolen (à la the t-shirt cardigan) or original and stupid (care to hear about my hot dog restaurant called Redonkulous Dogs?). But when honest to goodness brilliance is presented in a way that kids will enjoy, it’s worth mentioning. Such is the case with Ideas that Changed the World. A collection of the most important, useful, and enjoyable inventions delivered in a visual style that’s easy to get into.

After a brief introduction, the ideas are sorted into six sections, each highlighting a different realm of life, including Great Gizmos, Handy Gadgets, Culture, and more. The big guys (lightbulb, x-ray, DNA) are all present, along with smaller inventions (Post-its, LEGOs®, 3D) that have had a lasting impact.

Each is highlighted on a two-page spread with a multitude of captions and callouts to provide historical context and important details. High resolution images draw attention.

The best ideas humankind has come up with, in a format that will appeal to young readers. For pleasure reading or fact-finding, this is a good book to have in your collection.

Review copy from publisher.

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  1. It reminds me a little of “The Day the Universe Changed” by James Burke, but geared for kids.