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Poetry Month 2010: Student Book Spine Poems

Wednesday marks the first day of April, a month noted for its showers (to bring May flowers) and fools (well, at least for one day). It’s also known as National Poetry Month and at 100 Scope Notes, we’re celebrating in an appropriately bookish way. If you try book spine poetry with your students, send me […]

Review: Shark Vs. Train by Chris Barton


Shark Vs. Train By Chris Barton Illustrated by Tom Lichtenheld Little, Brown ISBN: 978031699007627 $16.99 Grades K-2 In Stores *Best New Books* This just in: lots of kids like to talk trash. Now, I don’t mean that in a “the youth is out of hand!” kind of way. No, this trash talk usually comes into […]

Link Du Jour: Bestselling Children’s Books of 2009

Cash Register

Attention folks interested in 2009 children’s book sales figures: they’re out. Publishers Weekly has broken down which titles moved the most units in aught nine. My notes are as follows: Dang, Golden Books are still sellin’ by the truckload. Wimpy Kid took #1 and #2 in the hardcover frontlist category? If you slap Twilight on […]

The Lion’s Looking at You

Lion Looking

*UPDATE* I should have made this clear, but the modifications you see below are just for how the book is presented in the flier, not for the actual book. In the grand tradition of 100 Scope Notes “hey, look at this” posts of questionable worth, I bring you a curiosity I noticed today. While cruising […]

Book Bullying with Amazon Stars


Interesting. A while back A Fuse #8 Production took a close look the what-fors and what-have-yous of the Amazon Vineâ„¢ review program as it related to children’s literature (click here to read). One item she touched on was the fact that negative reviews often came from people who didn’t find the book appropriate for their […]

You Stole My Thunder: Title Twins

Otis Bynum

I realized the other day that there are two picture books titled Otis. Janie Bynum’s version about a pig that likes to stay clean was published in 2000, while Loren Long’s Otis hit shelves in 2009. Both received positive reviews. It made me wonder -  do authors take pre-existing titles into consideration when making their […]

Review: The Strange Case of Origami Yoda by Tom Angleberger


The Strange Case of Origami Yoda By Tom Angleberger Amulet Books ISBN: 9780810984257 $12.95 Grades 5-7 In Stores What’s the next level above gold? Platinum? In both content and appearance, The Strange Case of Origami Yoda is reluctant reader platinum. The Star Wars association will draw attention, but the spot-on portrayal of the awkwardness, friendships, […]

Link Du Jour: Alice, Art, Alarms, ‘alicious’

Alice Meta

A bunch of links today… I recently realized that I’m in the midst of a pretty impressive streak. No, it’s not for eating string cheese at lunch every day (although, yes), it’s a streak of not seeing the film version of children’s books. This run does not discriminate, encompassing both movies I wanted to see […]

The Newbery Seal Lineup

Newbery Awards 007

It’s book fair time at two of the elementary schools where I work. While perusing the “Summer Reading” table (related aside: when did “summer reading” become synonymous with “Newbery winner”?) something caught my eye. There were five paperback Newbery winners on the table, and every one of them displayed their medal in a different way. […]

Review: City of Spies by Susan Kim & Laurence Klavan


City of Spies By Susan Kim and Laurence Klavan Illustrated by Pascal Dizin First Second Books (Roaring Brook) ISBN: 9781596432628 $16.99 Grades 5-8 In Stores April 27, 2010 Take a look at the cover for City of Spies. Remind you of anything? Yes, I too had visions of Tintin as soon as I laid eyes […]

Morning Notes: Charts and Graphs Edition

Morning Notes Banner

THE INVENTION OF BORAT? The Martin Scorsese-led Invention of Hugo Cabret film project continues to move forward, with some recent (in negotiations) casting names dropped. One of these names is Sacha Baron Cohen, best known as Borat. Interesting. Click here to head over to MTV.com and read more. ADULTS UNWELCOME; CHILDREN’S CHOICE BOOK AWARDS VOTING […]

Nonfiction Monday Photo Gallery: Weeded Animals and More


How can you tell if you’re a nonfiction book that is about to get weeded? You have a cover that looks like this: “Yes, youngster, yellow and red creatures named “eavers” once roamed ponds and streams. It was glorious. ” The weeding saga continues at the school libraries where I work. Animals are the focus […]

Link Du Jour: Coraline Cookies, Cats Painting, and a Warning

Coraline Cookies

There are pros and cons to doing a “clearing out the vaults”, “all links must go” post such as this: Pro: I get to clear out the vaults. Con: You suspect I’m crazy for amassing these links in the first place. And wonder why I would put them in a vault. Ah, well. Let’s begin… […]

2010 Book Spine Poem Gallery

Year of Reading

I’m impressed. Three cheers for the brave souls who took book spines and created their own poetic masterpieces (or centos, as Laura Purdie Salas tells me). There’s some great work here. Be sure to visit Becky’s Book Reviews for the Poetry Friday Roundup. @ A Year of Reading @ Bookends. @ Papertrails Family Book Blog. […]

Booklist Names 2010 Top 10 Graphic Novels for Youth


While the time parameters on this list confound me, the purpose is crystal clear. Booklist recently released their top graphic novel picks from the last year, and I like their style. They have a few choices that have been getting love elsewhere (Stitches, Secret Science Alliance, Meanwhile…) and a few that are completely new to […]