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Wanted: Book Spine Poems

Yeah, April! You used to be known almost exclusively as the month that brought showers. Seeing as how rain is the universal symbol for “downer”, I can’t imagine you were very pleased with that. But now you’re known for something else – April is National Poetry Month. And around this neck of the woods the […]

Poetry Friday: Hardy Boys

Down to the wire we come. I’ve been posting a new book spine poem every Friday in March in anticipation of National Poetry Month (week 1, week 2, week 3). Next Friday, the calendar strikes April 1st and I’ll post a gallery showing off all your book spine poems. The submissions have been coming in […]

Poetry Friday: The Mix-Up

Check out the Poetry Friday round-up at Gathering Books. On the first day of National Poetry Month (April 1st), I’m hosting a gallery of book spine poems (or centos, if you want to get technical) submitted by you. If you give it the ol’ college try, take a picture and post it to your blog, […]

Poetry Friday: The Genius

On April 1st, I want to kick off National Poetry Month with the bang it deserves. But I’m gonna need your help. I’ll post a new book spine cento here every Friday in March. On Friday, April 1st I’ll put up a gallery with your submissions. Click here for more information on creating your own […]

Let the Countdown to National Poetry Month Commence!

April is National Poetry Month, or as I call it ’round these parts, National (Book Spine) Poetry Month. I actually do the air parentheses and everything. Last year, inspired by the amazing work of Nina Katchadourian, I tried my hand at creating a book spine cento. Here were the results: I also encouraged all comers […]