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Review: Sorted Books by Nina Katchadourian

Sorted Books By Nina Katchadourian Introduction by Brian Dillon Chronicle Books ISBN: 9781452113296 $22.95 In Stores Find it at: Schuler Books | Your Library It began with some random internet meandering. In 2009 I came across Nina Katchadourian’s website utterly by chance. Her work, arranging books so their spines can be read as an organized […]

2013 Book Spine Poem Gallery

National Poetry Month has landed, and we’re celebrating with book spine poetry. Three (maybe even four) cheers for everyone who gave it a shot. If you try book spine poetry in April, snap a picture, post it to your blog, or email it to me at scopenotes (at) gmail (dot) com. I’ll add to this […]

Poetry Friday: In a Messy Room

Well here we are, the final Friday before National Poetry Month begins. On April 2 I’ll be posting a gallery of your book spine poem submissions. Here are my tips for making your own. You want in? Email your poems to me at scopenotes (at) gmail (dot) com or post them to your blog and let […]

Poetry Friday: Hardy Boys

Down to the wire we come. I’ve been posting a new book spine poem every Friday in March in anticipation of National Poetry Month (week 1, week 2, week 3). Next Friday, the calendar strikes April 1st and I’ll post a gallery showing off all your book spine poems. The submissions have been coming in […]

Poetry Friday: Odd Smell

April 1st is a mere three weeks away, bringing with it the glory that is National Poetry Month. On that day I’ll be hosting a gallery of book spine poems (or centos) submitted by you. Interested in getting in on the action? If you give it a try, take a picture and email it to […]

Poetry Friday: The Genius

On April 1st, I want to kick off National Poetry Month with the bang it deserves. But I’m gonna need your help. I’ll post a new book spine cento here every Friday in March. On Friday, April 1st I’ll put up a gallery with your submissions. Click here for more information on creating your own […]

Let the Countdown to National Poetry Month Commence!

April is National Poetry Month, or as I call it ’round these parts, National (Book Spine) Poetry Month. I actually do the air parentheses and everything. Last year, inspired by the amazing work of Nina Katchadourian, I tried my hand at creating a book spine cento. Here were the results: I also encouraged all comers […]