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Review: The Qwikpick Papers: Poop Fountain! by Tom Angleberger

The Qwikpick Papers: Poop Fountain! By Tom Angleberger Amulet (ABRAMS) ISBN: 9781419704253 $12.95 Grades 4-7 Out Now Find it at: Schuler Books | Your Library Note: Sometimes an idea makes so much sense, you have to steal it try it yourself. Poop Fountain! is a re-release of The Qwikpick Adventure Society, originally published by Dial […]

Review: El Deafo by Cece Bell

El Deafo By Cece Bell Amulet (AMBRAMS) ISBN: 9781419710209 $21.95 Grades 3-6 Out September 2, 2014 *Best New Book* Find it at: Schuler Books | Your Library Part of what makes memoirs so appealing is their universality. There’s solace in the fact that no matter the individual, no matter the circumstances, we all experience moments […]

10 to Note: Summer Preview 2014

You never know how these preview things are going to turn out. Sometimes there’s a bunch of lesser-known books that jump out, other times it’s stuff that’s already been building some buzz. Today is more latter than former. What follows are 10 books for the summer season that look promising. Picture Books Peanut Butter and […]

Nonfiction Monday: One Dead Spy by Nathan Hale

Nathan Hale’s Hazardous Tales: One Dead Spy By Nathan Hale Amulet (ABRAMS) ISBN: 9781419703966 $12.95 Grades 3-6 In Stores August 1, 2012 *Best New Book* Find it at: Schuler Books | Your Library Through my side gig of professional reviewing, I’ve read a lot of nonfiction graphic novels. In terms of quality, let me tell […]

Review: Explorer: The Mystery Boxes by Kazu Kibuishi et al

Explorer: The Mystery Boxes Edited by Kazu Kibuishi Amulet (Abrams) ISBN: 9781419700101 $19.95 Grades 4-7 In Stores Find it at: Schuler Books | Your library I was recently watching one of may favorite television shows, Iron Chef, when one of the judges made an interesting comment about a course comprised of four entirely separate mini […]

Top 20 Children’s Books of 2011 (#20-16)

Let the singing of praises commence. Over four days, fellow school librarian John Schumacher and I will count down our top 20 books of the past year. It’s a K-6, anything goes sort of list, with picture books, chapter books, nonfiction, and graphic novels all tossed into one big pot. This year Watch. Connect. Read. […]

This ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid’ Thing is Getting Out of Hand

…and I mean that in a good way. Here’s the hold shelf at the 5th and 6th grade school library where I work: Every color of the Wimpy rainbow (except blue).

Link Du Jour: Wimpy Kid on CNN

If you’re like me (easily warmed) then you get a warm feeling every time you see children’s books covered by the big media outlets. Wimpy Kid, you’re all grows up. Jeff Kinney recently visited CNN to talk about the November 9 release of Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Ugly Truth. Nicely done. Click here […]