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Children’s Literature: Makeover Edition

I’ve noticed something lately.

A batch of books returning with a new look.

First it was the updated paperback covers for The Babysitter’s Club:

Out with the old:

In with the new:

And more followed. Also receiving the make-over treatment?


Original cover:

Now it’s:

Side note: Ramona has been updated so many times, there’s now a book about all the artistic updates over the years:

No Flying in the House is back with a new cover:

Previously . . .

Now . . .

Chrysanthemum is looking fresh:

How it was:

How it is:

So is Poppy:

Old Poppy:

New Poppy:

Two Little Trains is back this year with brand-new illustrations by Greg Pizzoli:

Here’s the original:

Here’s the Pizzoli versh:

And Ashley Wolff did something unique – she completely re-illustrated one of her own previous books, Only the Cat Saw.

Here’s the original:

Here’s the update:

Any other updates this year that I’ve missed? Let me know in the comments.

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