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Nonfiction Monday: America Is Under Attack by Don Brown

America is Under Attack
By Don Brown
Roaring Brook Press (Macmillan)
ISBN: 9781596436947
Grades 4-6
In Stores August 16, 2011

*Best New Book*

This year is the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on September 11. It’s hard to believe for many adults, but we now have elementary schools full of children who have lived their entire lives in the aftermath of this history-changing event. In my experience, kids have a lot of questions about what went on that day. Personal and powerful, America is Under Attack (the latest addition to the excellent Actual Times series) relates this tragedy in a way that works for young readers.

Four planes hijacked by terrorists, each with a specific target. In simple, clear prose, Brown tells the fate of each one, saving the majority of his words to describe the events inside the Twin Towers as the day unfolded.

Brown adeptly combines eye witness reports with established facts about the day, with compelling results. Even readers well-versed in 9/11 history are likely to make new discoveries.

The muted illustrations tastefully capture the event and enhance the text. In a way, the book comes off as a text-heavy picture book, with artwork on every page.

There are a number of September 11 books out there now, but few are as eloquent and appropriate for this age group. Be sure to add this to your collection.

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