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Auto-Completed Children’s Books (#2) The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Auto Completed

Okay, Google – you think you’re pretty smart? How about you try completing the text from famous children’s books. I’ll type the beginning of each line into a Google search (plain text below), and you try to finish the line (bold text below).

(All credit to @botnikstudions for the inspiration)

Previously . . .

Auto-Completed Children’s Books (#1) Goodnight Moon

The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle 

(and Google autocomplete)

Very Hungry Caterpillar


In the light of the law

a little evil

lay on hands 5e.


One Sunday morning lyrics

the warm sun and wind in my ear

and popcorn!

out of the box

came a long way migos.


He started the whole world singing.

On Monday

he ate the bones

but her emails.


On Tuesday

he ate the whole thing

but he gives more grace.


On Wednesday

he ate the poop

but he was good to his mother.


On Thursday

he ate my heart

but he was not in the wind.


On Friday

he ate my pencil

but he who dares not grasp the thorn.


On Saturday he ate through

one piece of paper

one ice axe or two

one pickup the phone

one slice of pizza

one slice of salami calories

one liner jokes

one piece of candy

one trick pony

one cup coffee maker

and one shoes.

That night i think of you.


The next day was broiling gatsby

The caterpillar ate in style,

and after that we didn’t talk zip.


Now he belongs to the ages

and he walks with me and talks with me

he was number one.


He built a crooked house,

called a hui in new zealand.

He stayed for breakfast.

Then he waddled away.

He was a skater boy.

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  1. That last line was the absolute perfect way to end it. ? Well done, Google.