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10 Years of Scope Notes: The 5 Best Comments of All Time

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November 9th (today!) marks the 10th anniversary of 100 Scope Notes. Seems like a good time to take a look back, a look forward, and reflect on how the heck this thing is still going.

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To everyone who’s ever left a comment here: thank you. It means a lot you’d take the time to share your thoughts.

Over the years there have been comments that have made me laugh, smile, or just scratch my head. Here are five favorites.

This comment from Eric Carle in response to my post that Eric Carle, Tomie dePaola, and Barry Moser might be the same person.

Carle Comment

This comment from Brandon, who clearly had a report due on the book Swindle.

Brandon Comment

This comment by (I assume) famous author Dan Brown commenting under a pseudonym.

Brown Comment

This comment that helped explain more about the mysterious wolf on the wall of the Barnes & Noble children’s section.

Tally Comment

This comment defending 80’s TV star Richard Greico’s honor in response to this post.

Violet Comment

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  1. Benji Martin says:

    All of those comments on the Swindle post. ? It looks like a whole sixth grade class.

  2. Angie Moore says:

    I just went down the rabbit hole and read all of the Unfortunate Covers posts! Too funny! I should have taken pictures at my school last week….I weeded 200 paperbacks that were added to the collection in 2000 and had never been checked out! Average date of publication was 1988. SO many “apple” books! Seriously…how did I miss that opportunity? ;)

  3. Ren Smallwood says:

    This. Was. Amazing.