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First Look: President Trump Releases Self-Published Children’s Autobiography

(Note the date of this post)

Citing the rise of “fake publishing”, Donald Trump has just surprise-released a self-published autobiography for kids. Here’s the cover:


“Nobody gets it right, okay? Nobody” said Trump when asked about other biographies about him for young readers.

His book contains “all the facts”, according to Trump, including the total lack of any sort of failure or weakness in any aspect of Trump’s life.

Trump hinted at the project in this cryptic tweet sent out last week:

Spending day assembling best fonts, pictures, words, etc. for project I will soon announce. #fantastic

George W. Bush will illustrate the book, marking the first time two presidents have collaborated in this way since Lincoln used mixed media collage for a book about James Buchanan’s disturbing childhood.

About his decision to illustrate, Bush said, “Don asked, I agreed. Who am I to say no?” and, “I think I’m the only artist he knows.”

Click here to read an excerpt from the book.

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  1. Ha Ha!

  2. Jeannie Ammon says:

    Seriously. I hope this a joke. I certainly hope the reviewers do this book the justice it deserves and point out the fake news it contains.

  3. Stephanie A Jones says:

    Not funny.

  4. I forgot it was April 1st. Mean! But funny.

  5. April Fools — LOL!!

  6. Holy Moly…you got me! Good one Travis!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Judi Paradis says:


  8. Chris EF says:

    BWAH!!! Assembling best fonts!! I just stop snorting at this piece. Kudos.

  9. Nicole Erwin says:

    Typeset in Comic Sans. Win!