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Who Has Published the Most NYT Best Illustrated Books in the Last Decade?

Kind of a specific question, but I wanted to know.

After making my 2016 NYT Best Illustrated Children’s Books predictions yesterday, I crunched the numbers from the last 10 years of lists. I wanted to see which publishers had put out the most Best Illustrated books.

There are two ways to dice up the numbers. One way is to group imprints together, the other (and I think more fun way) is to treat each imprint as a stand-alone entity.

If we treat each imprint as a stand-alone, here are the publishers that have five or more Best Illustrated Books in the last ten years:

Best Illustrated Publisher

I like list list because we can see how well small publishers like Groundwood and Enchanted Lion have done. One of the best aspects about the Best Illustrated list (as Monica mentioned in her comment yesterday) is that small publishers often pop up.

If we group all the imprints with their publishers, the list looks like this:

Best Illustrated Publisher 2

And I could take things further and combine all of Random House and Penguin’s totals since they are now merged but that’s taking it too far, I think.

Any surprises?

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  1. Even in the 2nd list you can see the indies holding their own. Somebody’s done this for Caldecott right? I would be interested to see how they stack up, my hunch being that NYT has less of an aversion to arty/inscrutable.