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Morning Notes: Is Anne of Green Gables 34? Edition


A series based on Green Eggs and Ham is coming to Netflix. Well, the Cat in the Hat PBS series is solid, so I would put expectations at medium. It was announced in a properly Seussian way – with a rhyming press release. Click here to read.

(via Sharyn November on Facebook)


The children’s choice book awards have been announced, and had I tried to predict them, would have picked wrong in every single category. And I like it. Click here to see all the winners.


Remember way back on Tuesday? When I exposed a number of children’s book characters for lying about their ages? Publisher Tundra books put their titles through the ringer and the results were enlightening. Click here to see.


School Library Journal is accepting nominations for School Librarian of the Year. Click here to nominate.


This is fun. You know how I did that picture book barcode post a few weeks back (that was another genius idea suggested by Matthew Cordell)? A public library is having a Battle of the Barcodes. Check it out.

It’s anthology announcement time around here…

Funny Girl by various; Curated by Betsy Bird. Out spring 2017.

I remember stopping in to visit with Betsy (A Fuse #8 Production) Bird in 2011. During that visit she mentioned a book idea she had – an anthology of funny stories all written by women. It was a great idea. And now I bet it’s going to be a great book.

Comics Squad: Lunch! by various. Out January 26, 2016.

Oh, man. First there was Comics Squad: Recess, and now we have the next installment: Lunch. The best comics creators in the biz team up for another short story anthology.

Bum a smoke? Paul O. Zelinsky answers a class letter questioning one of his illustrations in Dear Mr. Henshaw. Click the image below to read.

There were a lot of noteworthy tweets the past few days, but one just put them all to shame with its sheer epic-ness:



Question #1: Did you know Dr. Seuss won an academy award? He did. For writing the animated short Gerald McBoingBoing

Question #2: Did you know you can see it on YouTube? You can.

Here it is…

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  1. Travis, thanks for the shout-out about our “Battle of the Picture Book Barcodes”. We’ve had so much fun with it! Also, many thanks to Matthew Cordell for suggesting the whole idea! If you go to our site, be sure to click on “Read More” to see the entire link. I’m happy to share this idea and our complete list to date if you contact me by email at jmetzger@rodmanlibrary.com. Janet Metzger

  2. That animated short is gold. How have I never seen that?! Thanks for the tip on it.