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Ask Me About My Nerdlution

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One of the coolest things about the Nerdy Book Club community is their willingness to try stuff out. While I am hesitant to switch my breakfast from Cheerios to oatmeal (Oatmeal? Why not just throw my morning routine out the window!!), Colby Sharp, Donalyn Miller, and Cindy Minnich are giving all sorts of book-related participatory events a shot.

The latest bit of Nerdy Book Club community organizing is Nerdlution (Nerdy Book Club + Resolution = Nerdlution). The idea is simple: do something you’ve been meaning to do for 50 straight days – from December 2 (today) to January 20. Folks are using #nerdlution on Twitter to discuss their plans.

This is something I can get into. My thing is to do some non-blog-related writing each day. I’ve been using the Day One journal app on and off since last January, but I like the idea of shooting for 50 straight.

You want in? Today’s the day to start. Click here for more info.

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Day One journal app

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  1. Sondy says:

    This came at a great time for me, Travis. I had just decided to make a resolution. I wrote (on a children’s book) 30 minutes per day the whole month of November. For December, I am going to still attempt to do that, but first, each day, I plan to unpack a box and put up at least one picture. I moved in APRIL, for crying out loud! Actually, I only have about 16 boxes left, so this way, I *should* finish before Christmas. That will be a relief! (Of course, the boxes I have left are mostly filled with things I don’t have a place for. So after I finish emptying the boxes, I will need to do some tidying and putting away and figuring out where to keep things.) Anyway, now it’s a Nerdlution.

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