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Morning Notes: Mock Turtleneck Edition

Morning Notes Banner Morning Notes: Mock Turtleneck Edition


The fine folks at the NPR Backseat Book Club are sounding the alarm (or, more likely given the NPR affiliation, sounding the mellow jazz interlude) for the best children’s books of all time. The “ultimate kids bookshelf” for ages 9-14. You’ve got your favorites – click here to head over there and share them.


Every June Amazon shakes us by the shoulders, gives a couple firm slaps about the cheeks, and says “Wake up! The year is halfway over, man!” with the announcement of their Best Books So Far. You can check out their overall top 20, or view board books, picture books, chapter books, or middle grade books individually. Click here to read. Good to see Zebra Forest and Arnie the Doughnut on the list.

(Thanks to Omnivoracious for the link)


See, this is why I like For Those About to Mock – when they aren’t providing some of the most honest and insightful reviews of Newbery hopefuls around, they’re channeling Collecting Children’s Books and listing the Newbery-winning authors who had to wait the longest for their medals. Can you guess who’s number one? Click here to read.


There are times when I daydream about pulling a Steve Jobs and wearing the same type of outfit every day. Short story short, I don’t mind when a wardrobe decision is predetermined. I can now cross off what I’m going to wear whenever I’m teaching student research. Click here to purchase.

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(Thanks to boingboing for the link)


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  1. I’m uncomfortable with the NPR folks calling their effort “the Ultimate Kids’ Bookshelf — a collection of 100 books that every 9- to 14-year-old should read.” It is that “should” that grates especially because those who listen to NPR or read your blog or are otherwise going there and nominating titles are a very particular demographic who are not exactly nominating a particularly diverse bunch of titles.Ironic, given the other NPR story of yesterday:

  2. :paula says:

    Oh, NPR. We all “should” drive hybrids, vote Democratic, and read Wizard of Oz. SIGH.

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