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The Wildest Book … Ever?

When weeding, sometimes you come across a book that makes you think, “this would make a good blog post”. Occasionally, as is the case today, an entire tribute blog seems more appropriate.

How about I’ll start with a post and see where this goes.

For a moment, let’s bask in the glorious unusualness of Hands Off! by Mario Mariotti, a wordless, plotless book featuring painted hands playing soccer.

These next two are incredible:


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  1. That is amazing. I’d love to get my hands on his Hanimals collection (which has a few pages up on Pinterest). Great stuff… and I certainly can’t think of any other picture books like it. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I have the Hanimals book in my school’s collection. Every year there is a child who checks it out obsessively.. These books are so fascinating. Do not weed them, ever.

  3. That made me laugh so hard.

  4. Marianne says:

    This book is great! Any idea how I could get my “hands on” a copy of this book? My daughters would love it! Is it out of print?

  5. This is so cool!

  6. lisainberlin says:

    Keep that gorgeous flower in your garden. I hope a publisher puts it out for us again.