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Link Du Jour: Kidlitionary

Tara Lazar (she of the blog Writing for Kids (While Raising Them)) recently put together a post of heretofore unknown children’s literature terminology. I’m a pretty big fan of “Shel Shocked” myself. Fun read of the day, I say.

Click here for the Kidlitonary

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  1. Thanks for the mention! I will probably make the Kidlitionary a semi-regular feature once my pun-maker recharges. You see, this comment had not a pun in sight. I’m all punned out.

  2. It must be the moon, Tara, because I’ve been unusually punless. I was sorely disappointed in myself for coming up with NOTHING when you first posted the Kidlitionary. The best I’ve done in recent days was last night when my kids wanted to eat dinner in front of the TV, and watch Kung Fu, and I said something about Kung Food. Which is the kind of thing someone who just learned what a pun is would say.