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Cover Curiosity: Similar Swordplay

I’m amazed how some folks can find covers that use the same stock photography (the blog Pop Culture Junkie does an exceedingly excellent job of this). Most of the covers I pair up tend to be more like how Top Chef‘s Tom Colicchio looks like Jon Scieszka – eerily close, but not the same (or are they?)…


(Thanks to Kidsmomo for pointing out this similarity)

Today we have an honest-to-goodness match. I’m even willing to go out on a YA limb with this one. With many thanks to Stephanie Jobe, let’s take a look…

Finnikin of the Rock by Melina Marchetta


Empire by Michael R. Hicks

Side by Side:

You see that sword? Although Finnikin pimped things out a bit more, opting for the ruby pommel, this pair is verified same-same.

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  1. You’re a Versatile Blogger! Check it out!

  2. Another very similar cover is The Thirteen Hallows (though it’s only eerily close and not the same!).