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Cover Curiosity: Seeing Double

Something (kinda) old and two somethings new in today’s Cover Curiosity.

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The following covers use the mirror effect in three different ways, yet a similar trio they make.

First up, something (kinda) old:

Strange Happenings by Avi. Published May 2006.

Something new…

The Properties of Water by Hannah Roberts McKinnon. Published October, 2010.

And finally, another something new…

Hex Hall (Book #1) by Rachel Hawkins. Published March 2010

Side by side by side:

The lone figure, the water, the, you know, reflection – it’s a match.

Did I miss any that fit in this group?

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  1. The book first light does it too. Great book. Better than when you reach me

  2. Here’s another for you . . . two different legs:

    Sweet 15 by Emily Adler
    The Reinvention of Moxie Roosevelt by Elizabeth Cody Kimmel

    • Laura, you read my mind! I’m posting about this mismatched trend tomorrow, and I was going to use Sweet 15 – thanks for pointing out Moxie Roosevelt as well – I’ll add that in.

  3. I seem to recall one with a modern girl and then reflected in the water the same girl in Ancient Egyptian clothing. One of those 90’s time travel books, I can’t remember the title.