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It’s Better Than ‘What Are They Being Forced To Read?’

Reading for Fun

Free will is great, ain’t it? What Are They Reading for Fun? Is a biweekly column over at School Library Journal which highlights popular books at schools around the country. They contacted me last week to share picks from the 5th and 6th grade school where I work. Now it’s up on the website. Click […]

Bookends is the Nontraditional Review Winner!

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It was a close race, but Lynn and Cindy’s Animoto review of Borrowed Names at Bookends beat out the rest of the pack to take the title for best nontraditional review. Click here to see it. A $25 gift card the Schuler Books will be sent their way. And, as alluded to, Queen: Bookends are […]

Morning Notes: Miss Manners Edition

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WHO WILL BE CHAMPION OF NONTRADITIONAL NONFICTION MONDAY? Remember Nontraditional Nonfiction Monday? That was fun. There are 24 hours left to vote for your favorite of those reviews. Click here to do just that. MISS MANNERS: NOSY LIBRARIAN PRODS FOR PERSONAL INFO Real headline alert! Miss Manners doles out some advice for how to handle […]

Vote for Your Favorite Nontraditional Book Review

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Yesterday, children’s lit bloggers put on a shocking display of creativity in creating nontraditional nonfiction book reviews. Crossword puzzles were created. Comics were crafted. Computers talked. It was beautiful. Today, I encourage you to vote for your favorite. The poll below will be open for 48 hours, with the champ taking home a $25 gift […]

Nontraditional Nonfiction Monday: The Circulatory Story


The Circulatory Story By Mary K. Corcoran Illustrated by Jef Czekaj Charlesbridge ISBN: 9781580892087 $17.95 Grades 3-5 In Stores Nontraditional Nonfiction Monday, it has arrived. What’s with the “Nontraditional”? We’re switching things up this week and encouraging bloggers to write a book review in a style different than their norm. If you have a post […]

Nontraditional Nonfiction Monday is Tomorrow


A final reminder! In less than 24 hours, these here pages will be home to all manner of unusual book reviews. I’m calling it Nontraditional Nonfiction Monday. Check out the video announcement: Want to take part, but have no idea where to begin? Peruse this list of nontraditional review ideas: Interested in hearing the world’s […]

What’s In the Envelope?


So what’s in the envelope? Awww yeah! See you in D.C. for ALA Annual!

Morning Notes: Wait Wait Edition

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CAN YOU TELL LIBRARY TRUTH FROM LIBRARY FICTION? If you are presented with three completely outlandish stories about libraries, two of them false, do you think you can spot the true one? NPR’s Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me radio news quiz presents this challenge. Click here and select “Bluff the Listener” to play at home. […]

Who Will Be Champion of Nontraditional Nonfiction Monday?

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In six days (May 24th), 100 Scope Notes will be hosting Nonfiction Monday. Never content to leave well enough alone, we’re turning up the crazy meter and calling it Nontraditional Nonfiction Monday – a chance for children’s lit bloggers to review a book in a different way. Cartoon reviews, video reviews, “in character” reviews – […]

Nonfiction Monday: Disasters by Brenda Z. Guiberson

Disasters cover

Disasters: Natural and Man-Made Catastrophes Through the Centuries By Brenda Z. Guiberson Henry Holt ISBN: 978085081701 $18.99 Grades 5 and up In Stores June 8, 2010 In an effort to appeal to a wide range of readers, nonfiction for youngsters often ignores depth for breadth. The results are books that make dandy casual reading (nothing […]

Link Du Jour: Indie Bestsellers Turn Back the Clock

Indie Bestsellers

Forgive me while I check my calendar. The Indie Children’s Illustrated Bestsellers this week have a decidedly old-school feel. Take a look at the top five, and click the image to view the entire list.

Booklist Names Top SF/Fantasy for Youth: 2010


While I am thrown off by all best-of lists that don’t appear in the months of November, December, and January, I support this one. Booklist continues their top 10 listmaking (see also: historical fiction, graphic novels) with science fiction and fantasy for youth. Plenty of familiar names here, including Catching Fire, Cosmic, and Incarceron. Click […]

Zig and Wikki by Nadja Spiegelman


Zig and Wikki in Something Ate My Homework By Nadja Spiegelman Illustrated by Trade Loeffler TOON Books (RAW Junior) ISBN: 9781935179023 $12.95 Grades K-2 In Stores In a culture where “mash-up” (the combining of different songs into one whole) has become an recognized genre of music, a similar attitude of line blurring in kids books […]

Morning Notes: 48 Hour Edition

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READING ENDURANCE TO BE TESTED; 48 HOUR READING CHALLENGE COMING SOON Have you been looking for an opportunity to make a serious dent in your to-be-read pile? MotherReader has the solution: 48 hours worth. Click here to learn about the challenge and get in on the action. THE YOUTH HAS SPOKEN; 2010 CHILDREN’S CHOICE BOOK […]

Nontraditional Nonfiction Monday: What Do I Do?

Question Marks

On May 24th I’ll be hosting Nonfiction Monday (click here for a description). I thought it would be fun to call it Nontraditional Nonfiction Monday and challenge bloggers to review a book in a different way. In case you missed it, here’s the video announcement: So, the question arises – how to go about this […]