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August '09 Book Giveaway: NERDS by Michael Buckley


Summer has a way of robbing me of my natural book giving away instincts. Time to get back in tune with nature. This time around there is one book up for grabs. If you’re interested in snagging it, contact me on Twitter, or send an email to scopenotes@gmail.com before 11:59 pm on Tuesday night. If […]

Nonfiction Monday: Show Off by Sarah Hines Stephens & Bethany Mann


Show Off By Sarah Hines Stephens and Bethany Mann Candlewick Press ISBN: 9780763645991 $18.99 Grades 4-7 In Stores Sept. 22, 2009 Review copy provided by publisher *Recommended* A Step-by-Step Review Step 1 – Get your hands on this book. You might check it out from a library, you might find it in a book store, […]

Sunday Link Du Jour: Old, Occasionally Odd Covers


When I stumble upon old children’s book covers, my eyes have a tendency to glaze over and there is a nearly reflexive loss of interest. I am uncontrollably new-school in this way. It’s embarrassing. However, there is something about this Flickr set of children’s books from 1860-1920 that did the opposite. Some of these titles […]

100 Scope Notes 2009 Fall Preview


Don’t tell my seersucker shorts, but Fall will soon be gracing us with it’s cooler temps, apples, apple cider, apple flavored doughnut holes, and other apple related consumables. It’s also a time when I crack open publisher catalogs and pick out the upcoming releases that catch my eye. I’ll likely review some of these in […]

Read a Chapter of Catching Fire at NPR


Catching Fire, the much anticipated sequel to The Hunger Games will be released Sept. 1. The fine folks at NPR are providing a chance to read (and listen to) a chapter now. From the press release: On September 1, fans of last year’s young adult best-seller The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins will get their […]

Fantasy Cover with Swords? Seen it 83 Times.


Tim Holman, publisher of scifi and fantasy imprint Orbit, surveyed a swath of fantasy covers and charted the results. Required reading for those of you wondering about the current popularity of “Glowy Magic”. (Thanks to BuzzFeed for the link)

Audio Clip: 'Where the Wild Things Are' Soundtrack


Fans of indie-rock-influenced, children’s-choir-aided, group-whistling-festooned music created for soundtracks of children’s books turned into films, take notice. A song from the Where the Wild Things Are soundtrack has hit the web. The singing is a bit jarring at first (courtesy of The Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ Karen O.), but I got into this one pretty quick. […]

Book Review: Binky the Space Cat by Ashley Spires


Binky the Space Cat By Ashley Spires Kids Can Press ISBN: 9781554533091 $16.95 Grades 2-4 In Stores Review copy provided by publisher *Recommended* The pet who thinks it knows better than its owner is a mainstay protagonist in children’s literature and popular culture in general. From Mark Teague’s LaRue books to Garfield, young readers enjoy […]

Create Your Debut YA Cover on Pop Candy

Pop Candy YA Cover Post

I regularly peruse USA Today pop culture blog Pop Candy. The other day I emailed Pop Candy mastermind (and occasional VH1 talking head) Whitney Matheson to see if she would partake in creating a debut YA cover (which I posted the steps for a couple weeks back). A fan of young adult lit, I figured […]



I have absolutely no comment on the following. Click the image below to enlarge. (Thanks to FAIL Blog for the link) All this book rental business reminds me of the recent Brian Williams video where he discusses “the Netflix of books”. This is great stuff: [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C3n8kHThR8Y]

Audio Clip: Wilder Women on NPR


Why read when you can listen? Consider this an audio addendum to my post about Little House in the New Yorker from a few days back. The Rose vs Laura debate continues (as in, who is more responsible for the success of the series – Laura Ingalls Wilder or her daughter Rose?) . They even […]

Unfortunate Covers (#11)


Sometimes a cover doesn’t match the tone of the book it’s wrapped around. Such is the case of our most recent Unfortunate Cover candidate: Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson. The world’s most listless treasure hunt. I feel like the artist was working with some models who weren’t that into it. Cover Artist: “Alright, we […]

The Wildest of Books


I figured it was a hoax, but lo and behold – the fur-covered edition of The Wild Things by Dave Eggers. Loosely based on Sendak’s classic. Can you put this on a shelf? (Thanks to EarlyWord for the link)

Book Review: My Uncle Emily by Jane Yolen


My Uncle Emily By Jane Yolen Illustrated by Nancy Carpenter Philomel Books ISBN: 9780399240058 $17.99 Grades 1-3 In Stores Review copy provided by Raab Associates While the work of American poet Emily Dickinson may be difficult for some readers to fully wrap their heads around, My Uncle Emily tells a tale of honesty that could […]

Link Du Jour: Narnia Covers Redone


I really don’t get tired of these. Artist M. S. Corley, the man behind the recent redesign of the Harry Potter and His Dark Materials covers strikes again. This time he bestows the classic Penguin treatment on The Chronicles of Narnia. These covers won’t be coming to a shelf near you, but fun to take […]