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100 Scope Notes Book Giveaway: May '09


No two book giveaways a created the same. This one? This is a good one. Indeed, a first. Not one, but two *Recommended* books are up for the procuring. How can you get your hot, peanut butter M&Ms-smudged hands on one? Send an email to scopenotes@gmail.com or “hit me up” on Twitter (I’m working hard […]

Sunday Link Du Jour: Bought Books


I began this post with a humble question: Which books are being bought? Below, courtesy of Reading Radar (who pulls from the New York Times Best Seller list), are my findings. Let’s start with picture books. (Click anywhere on the image to view the entire top ten) Listen to the Wind has been residin’ in […]

Cover Controversy: Doin' Work


There’s something about big machines that captures the imagination of kids. I can identify. When I was a youngster, my county fair held a monster truck show and parked all of the massively-tired vehicles in the church parking lot across from my house. I almost lost it. I mean Bigfoot? Come on. Two recent titles […]

Toon Review: Roadwork by Sally Sutton


Roadwork By Sally Sutton Illustrated by Brian Lovelock Candlewick Press ISBN: 9780763639129 $15.99 Grades PreK-1 In Stores *Best New Books* Also reviewed by The Book Chook. Find this book at your local library with WorldCat.

My Favorite Picture of the Year (So Far)

Wild Things

There are a number of things I could say about this photo, but I’ll just let it speak for itself (click to see full size): A Wild Thing and Curious George coming to visit my school.

I Was Bitten by a Radioactive Book


Do you ever wish you had a cool backstory? You know, like how Spiderman was bitten by a radioactive spider or how how Superman was… born super (bad example). I wish I had a better school librarian backstory, other than “I really enjoyed reading and hanging out in my high school media center”. I want […]

Terrible, Terrible Books


Have you had enough of all these “good” books? You know, the ones that are all well written, nicely illustrated, and up to date? Because everywhere I go and in everything I read, that’s what I see. Best Books of the Year, Recommended Books, Starred Books, it’s about time we started tipping the scales back […]

Book Order Highlights: May 2009


One of the best parts of my job is selection. I get to choose and purchase the books for four elementary schools serving Pre-K up to 6th grade. Indeed, I’ve learned to always have a big list going. Today, our last book order of the school year came in to my K-4 building, and looking […]

Nonfiction Monday: Nic Bishop Butterflies and Moths


Nic Bishop Butterflies and Moths By Nic Bishop Scholastic ISBN: 9780439877572 $17.99 Grades 1-4 In Stores *Best New Books* Nic Bishop is quickly becoming a household name in the world of children’s lit. A bio: Photographer Author PHD-level biologist Sibert Honor recipient New Zeelander Current Michigan resident I’m especially pleased with that last one. Bishop […]

Pull the Shade… Like a Librarian


If you’ve got piles of card catalog cards sitting around since the switch to computers, it’s craft time: Card catalog shade. (Thanks to Boing Boing for the link)

A Common Catalog Mistake


I can relate to misspelling. You scanned this blog lately? Once I finally figure out how to consistently spell recieved (or received, or whatever it is) it will be a big, important, memorable day. If you’ve ever watched kids search for books on a computer then you know that things can often get tricky they […]

Using 'Unshelved' in Your Library


Back in the Golden Days of Aught Five, I was excited to be starting my first elementary school library job. One of my favorite early discoveries was the web comic Unshelved. It kinda blew my mind when I first saw it. A comic devoted solely to libraries and librarians? Really? My job? Well, I guess […]

Book Review: Hee-Haw-Dini and the Great Zambini


Hee-Haw-Dini and the Great Zambini By Kim Kennedy Illustrated by Doug Kennedy Abrams Books for Young Readers ISBN: 9780810970250 $15.95 Grades K-2 In Stores When I was younger I liked magic. I still kinda do. Really, what’s cooler than walking through walls and flying, all while wearing heavily bedazzled leisurewear? Siegfried and Roy will tell […]

Cover Controversy: Battle of the Books that Move


Most of the time, I don’t believe that two books having similar covers is intentional. There are trends that come and go, and when two covers end up looking the same, I usually chalk it up to fate. Visit a local high school and you’ll see what I mean. No one is trying to dress […]

It's an Honor


I was surprised, honored, and slightly confused to have recently received the Zombie Chicken award from the delightfully opinionated children’s literature blog Underage Reading. Why confused? I don’t usually comment on zombies or chickens in these page (unless it’s in reference to myself (being a chicken, not a zombie)). I was therefore glad to see […]