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Cover Controversy: CO IN CI DENCE

No doubt influenced by the JabbaWockeeZ meteoric rise to hip-hop dance crew fame (I’m kidding) (sort of), children’s and YA book covers are seeking to pop and lock their way into readers hands by taking long words, capitalizing the letters, maxing out the font size, and breaking them into chunks. Lovers of phonics everywhere are calling this technique MAG  NI  FI  CENT!

First, the inspiration:


And now the covers:


Zorgamazoo by Robert Paul Weston.


Castration Celebration by Jake Wizner. Yes, this is actually the title (Thanks to the blog Pinot and Prose for bringing this one to my attention).

Side by side:


A resemblance?

For the uninitiated, a JabbaWockeeZ video:


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  1. A friend forwarded me this link and I must say I never thought I’d be compared to a book with the word castration in the title. Hilarious.


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