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February '09 ARC Giveaway


We’ve got some books to give away here – you interested? If you like one of the books below, send me an email at scopenotes@gmail.com or, in a 2009 twist, let me know via Twitter (click here for my profile). I don’t actually know how that works, but it sounds like it could somehow (so […]

Toon Review: The Imaginary Garden


The Imaginary Garden By Andrew Larsen Illustrated by Irene Luxbacher Kids Can Press ISBN: 9781554532797 $16.95 Grades K-2 In Stores March 1, 2009 *Recommended* Find this book at your local library with WorldCat. (Comics created using Bitstrips)

Try Scanimation


Do you like the amazing Scanimation technology that brings the best-selling children’s books Gallop! (100 Scope Notes Review) and Swing! to life? Have you been looking for a way to fill approximately one minute today? You’re in luck, friend. Click the image below to try Scanimation for yourself:

5 Questions with Laurie Keller


Author/Illustrator Laurie Keller has been making standout picture books since her debut, The Scrambled States of America, hit shelves a decade ago. With a sequel in stores and new projects in the works, Laurie stopped by to take part in 5 Questions. Scope Notes: The Scrambled States of America: Talent Show hit shelves last August […]

Nonfiction Monday: First Science Encyclopedia


First Science Encyclopedia DK Publishing ISBN: 9780756642969 $16.99 Grades 2-5 In Stores Every collection should have the basics. Similar to how every music collection should contain “OK Computer” by Radiohead and “Night Falls Over Kortedala” by Jens Lekman, every elementary reference section should have a science encyclopedia. First Science Encyclopedia fills this role nicely (if […]

Link Du Jour: A New Home for Bookends


All readers of books (especially those YA-ophiles) take notice. The outstanding Bookends blog (which I posted about back in October) has a new home at Booklist. It was a smart move for Booklist  – Cindy Dobrez and Lynn Rutan (both former Printz chairs) have a masterful knowledge of teen literature. They even dip down into […]

Graveyard Book and Coraline Nab Top Spots


So after winning the Newbery with The Graveyard Book and scoring a top-five box office hit with Coraline, what happens next for Neil Gaiman? A relaxing nap so the rest of the children’s literary world can catch up? Nope. Both of his books will be topping the New York Times Best Seller list. Graveyard is […]

Harry Potter Covers Re-Imagined


Creating children’s book covers has got to be a difficult job. Certainly a difficult job to do well. That split second where a kid eyes a book is so often a make or break moment. In person, those associated with the creation of cover art probably make good first impressions. Other people’s moms likely love […]

Book Review: Garibaldi's Biscuits


Garibaldi’s Biscuits By Ralph Steadman Marshall Cavendish Children ISBN: 9780761455783 $17.99 Grades K-2 In Stores When a book this quirky comes along, you can’t help but notice. Check out the quote by Kurt Vonnegut on the front cover, describing author/illustrator Ralph Steadman: “The most gifted and effective existentialist graphic artist of my time” On the […]

Movie Review: Coraline


Coraline Directed by Henry Selick Starring (the voices of) Dakota Fanning, Teri Hatcher, John Hodgman, Ian McShane Rated PG In Theaters What you’ve got here on your screen is a children’s literature blog. So if I watch a movie based on a kid’s book, you best believe I’m gonna be comparing the two. Actually, this […]

Sunday Link Du Jour: KidLitosphere Central


If there was ever anything you want to know about children’s lit on the internet, head to KidLitosphere Central. Organized by a formidable crew of children’s lit minds, the site covers news, reviews, awards, and has a authoritative list of kidlit blogs. Many thanks to the creators: Pam W. Coughlan (MotherReader), Elizabeth Burns (A Chair, […]

2009 Cybils Winners Announced


While I was busy deciding which Ghirardelli chocolate square to sample next, the 2009 Cybils were announced. How to Heal a Broken Wing (100 Scope Notes Review) won for the Fiction Picture Book category, which I was a part of. An excellent pick. Click the image below to see all of the winners:

100 Scope Notes on Twitter


I’ve been on Facebook for a couple years now and I’ve never been moved to post a “status update”. For some reason I now think that I should sign up for a service that does nothing other than allow me to update my status. This should be interesting. If you’re on Twitter, look me up. […]

Ye Olde Scope Notes: Is This a Book Order or a Toy Catalog?!


(Waving a rickety old cane in the air) After eating my usual morning muesli, I opened up The  New York Times and did a double take (my vision ain’t what it was in my heyday). Turns out some folks are up in arms about all the curios, knickknacks, and novelties being sold in the Scholastic […]

Video Clip: In the Studio w/ Eric Carle


Before we get to the video, I’ve got one thing to check off my list: Over the course of writing 100 Scope Notes, I’ve alluded to the specifics of my job a number of times, but I’ve never provided a full explanation of my duties. So you won’t have to hear me repeat myself again, […]